Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Go Fish!

Our friend Aaron guided us on a fishing expedition for Labor Day. Sounds adventurous, eh? We only went down to Bissett, but the pics make it look so Field and Stream!

F even ripped a worm in half and put it on his hook (only so I'd stop bugging him about it though).
S lasted about 13 minutes before I took him home so the rest of the boys could actually try and do something.
G lasted unexpectedly longer, although once soaking wet, was not interested in much except dinner at home (and not of fish).
Jack was just thrilled you could buy a fishing license online so he wouldn't have to step in Wal-Mart.
And I, I was glad Aaron and Jack stayed so I had an excuse to home...getting dinner ready for the MENFOLK. We had the non-traditional Labor Day fair, chicken curry.

Thanks again Aaron, for gathering the equipment and for our triumphant win--KABOOKI!


Brittany and John said...

So, the real question we all want to know is...Where was the dog during this field and stream adventure???

Jaime said...

With us at the river in my paris hilton puppy purse...

Amy said...

i think your orange background makes your bissett fishing adventure look so rustic and good work combating the nature deficit disorder

Lauren in GA said...

The pictures do look very Field and Stream, indeed!

I love your new template!

Please picture the Paris Hilton Puppy Purse!

I laughed at your saying that S lasted about 13 minutes. That is about all Brian would last...until he tried to dive in the water. At least S has the good sense not to do that.

Elizabeth said...

I like your new background, much more you.