Saturday, January 20, 2007

Three Graces

Look what Jenny got me for Christmas! I love it. Thanks Jenny:)

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!!

We had some friends, Ben and Amy, over for New Year's Eve. They also have 3 boys similar ages. The adults played games upstairs. The babies slept and the two 3 year olds and the 8 and 6 year old watched a movie on the pull out bed downstairs. Of interesting note, none of the boys downstairs fell asleep. Here is a picture of F and G (at 12:00 midnight!) calling Grandpa Bob to wish him a Happy New Year all the way in Hawaii.

Spring Cleaning in December

With all the extra stuff that we got for Christmas, we decided that we needed to downsize and get rid of some things. In so doing we decided that we wanted to up date our living room a little. We took out some older bookcases and replaced them with something a little more modern. We went to about 7 different stores looking for bookshelves and we had almost given up. We stopped into Kmart on a whim and found what we were looking for. Kmart? Yep.

The old bookcase (there were two in this corner).

The new sleeker bookcases.

G loves "building" things too. Here he is working on the old card table house from when we were kids.

Merry Christmas Indeed!

S with his presents. Our favorite is the new high chair that Santa brought him.

G scored a ton of Cars stuff. His favorite is definitely the Mater chair. When he opened it he said, "A Mater chair? I always wanted one of these."

Finn was happy with his gifts. He was most excited about the Fuzion Scooter that Santa gave him. He refers to it as just "Fuzion" as if it were a pony or something.

About an hour after all the hullabaloo, the boys were no where to be found. They had set up camp and were playing with the 25 year olds Masters of the Universe toys in grandma and grandpa's basement.

Time to Play Catch Up

I want to post some pictures that I have gotten behind on. We have been very busy with the holiday season and have had a lot of fun. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

This is S's ET shot.

The boys at church on Christmas Eve Day.

A few Sundays ago, half the family was sick so we stayed home from church. It was cold outside and the boys were getting a little restless. We opted for bubbles inside the bathtub. It worked out fairly well.