Wednesday, March 31, 2010

No dresses, not cute mary janes, and now this!

With no girls, there are a few things I cling to with my boys that help me cope with the testosterone overload. The boys' locks of curly hair are something I love about them. When G decided to buzz his head last summer because his hair kept getting tangled in his goggles, I agreed (thinking his hair would grow back and the locks would return). His hair has not grown back yet, 10 months later! S has been hassling me to buzz his locks since G did. I refused. But the last couple of mornings he has thrown the fit of a teenage girl! Here are some direct quotes, coupled with tears and his hands ruffling and tossing his hair in frustration:
"My hair is too curly and it looks funny."
"Kids are going to laugh at my hair."
(had to include this pic because it highlights the huge scar he got Sunday morning as he jumped off the foozball table while I was in the shower)

"My hair looks like it has bulldog horns. I don't want to be a bulldog!"
"I can't make my hair look right!"
"My hair looks weird and I want it all cut G's"
So, fine--give the child what he wants...but don't expect me not to cry about the loss of my little dutch boy! I did make him wait until school pictures were finished yesterday. (and please disregard my soaking crockpot in the background)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Three-oooh is the magic number (or is it?)

Yesterday we took S to the egg hunt/hayride at Buchinsky's house. (F was at RU and G at a bday party.) We have been doing this for years now, except usually we have a heap of eggs to cover all 3 boys. This year, we took our required 14 per child and they didn't even fill a basket.
Hanging out with just S reminded me of hanging out with little F. F was an only child for 5 years. It's eery how the day took me back to when we just had our little family of 3.
For so long we really thought we might only have 1 child (ok, Jack maybe didn't, but I sure did). As I think of how full and fantastic and loud and dirty and chaotic and laughable and marvelous our family is now, I am so grateful G and S could join us.
Did you also notice the mystery guest who joined us for the day?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A break from tradition

Every year after Stake Conference in Pembroke we have a picnic at Pandapas Pond. This year conference was broadcast from SLC so we watched it in our local building. We improvised though and had a picnic at Sunset Park. The pictures aren't as good because the boys changed out of their Sunday clothes, which I always like seeing them in, but they always hate being in. Either way, good times.
(had to at least put the one shot of me in there-even if it highlights my gray)
(the almost catastrophe in the wagon...)

Friday, March 19, 2010

We have a "dude" in the making!

Me: "Why are you wearing your hat like that?" (cocked and over one eye)
S: "Because."
Me: "Who taught you to wear it like that?"
S: "Me, because I just want to look cool."
Okay then.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Don't quote me on this-or do-because I am keeping names out of it

School Board elections are coming up and they are really important this year. Maybe more so for me, since it is directly linked to those little things we enjoy like eating and sleeping in a house and wearing clothes and driving cars and such. But it is important for you too, especially if you have children in Radford schools OR pay Radford city taxes. Issues and jobs and playgrounds and projects are on the line.

If you are local, PLEASE vote for good school board officers. It's not a democrat or republican thing. It's an "I-want-the-best-for-my-child-and-the-children-of-Radford" thing. If you have questions on some of the key issues, and what candidates are up to, PLEASE ask.

School policy says we can't put out signs, and I don't want to put my opinons on the blog, but you owe it to yourself and your children to 1) VOTE and 2) VOTE for the right people!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Delusions of Springtime

Turns out the walking paths weren't exactly clear yet, but we didn't care. We were so desperate to get outside, not only did we not care--we didn't wear jackets and G even wore his crocs. Ok, so probably not the wisest moves on our part, but we spent the afternoon pretending Spring was here. And it felt great!
Nevermind the small slip on the snow climbing up the hill that almost sent us home 10 minutes after our arrival. We endured...

Friday, March 05, 2010

My inner Alex P Keaton sneaking out again

I don't know why I care, but I do. At least, I do twice a year anyway. Twice a year it totally matters to me what the boys wear to church. The rest of the year, if the top has buttons and the bottoms aren't school pants, I do not care. But Easter and Christmas get me every time. My particular nueroses come in the form of sweater vests and gingham.
And I'm not even a "matchy-matchy" type person, but coordinated children just give the illusion of cleanliness, of perfection, of adoration. I guess pretending twice a year gets me through the rest of it.
For all you "Project-Runway-fashion-forward-folks", I opted against the vest this year, which is a first for me. My boys HATE sweater vests (see G), but usually at Easter I make them suck it up (plus they are cheaper than buying a shirt AND tie). Since it is one of the 2 times a year I usually end up paying (close to) full price, I figured rather than buy a vest they will NEVER wear again, I will get a shirt and tie which they will actually don by choice every other Sunday or so.
But I can least I come by it honestly! (yes, I know this is a pic of you Britt-but I couldn't find the one of me in my sweater vest and faux pearls...)

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

A little help...from STP!

Yep. Same Ten People.
I sit on the Radford Children's Theatre Committee and every year we bring the Missoula Children's Theatre to town. As always throngs of children show up for limited amounts of parts. Last night 115 children auditoned for 62 parts. Clearly, there is a need.

However, the folks who have chaired the committee and brought MCT to Radford for the first time several years ago, are stepping down. Of course, everyone can't serve eternally. If we do not find someone willing to step in, this could be the last year our children get this opportunity.

Here is my little rant...

Whichever school I am at, it's usually the STP I see helping out (clearly, more than ten, but you get my jist). The same faces reading in the classroom, monitoring lunch hour to give the teachers a break, helping with the medical clinics, serving as home room parent, lending a hand with classroom duties, volunteering at the front desk, serving on the PSA, you name it!!

Now when the school needs a chaperon for a cool field trip, there aren't enough seats on the bus to accommodate those adults.

Everyone wants all these great opportunities for their children, as long as it means they can come when it starts, leave when it ends and never think of it again.
I think my tirade is over...until of course, I end up hearing no one would take MCT and I get suckered into it. But if you could see the thrill of some of these children who probably would NEVER get recognized or noticed for anything'd be a sucker too!