Saturday, July 29, 2006

Williamsburg and Virginia Beach

So, Friday was the last full day of our vacation in Williamsburg. Jaime and the boys and I drove out to Virginia Beach to spend part of the day at the beach. After some traffic issues as well as some extra stops on the way back, it actually turned into a full day event. It was great to be at the beach. The waves were much smaller and slower than what I remember from the West Coast. Finn and Gray loved jumping over the waves. At one point Grayson took a tumble in the surf and Jaime (fully clothed by the way) had to run in and get him while holding the baby all at the same time. On the way back to Williamsburg, we got majorly delayed while entering the Hampton bridge/tunnel. It is very cool and very claustrophobic tunnel that goes under the bay. We made a stop in Newport News to pick up a few things at Trader Joe's (we do not have one anywhere near our house). After picking up some groceries, we ate dinner at Moe's Southwest Grille. Jaime and I ate giant burritos and the boys ate tacos and quesadillas. The day very much reminded me of life in California. Lots of traffic, the ocean, good mexican food, and Trader Joe's. I miss all of these things greatly...except for the traffic. In fact, Jaime and I have concluded that we are once again glad to live in the sleepy little town of Radford where we don't have to deal with traffic and congestion.

Finn frolicking in the surf.

Gray playing with the only "beach toy" we could find in the car...a blue cup.

Sawyer was very mad because it was over 100 degrees and the only shade was in his carseat.

Finn was eating Gogurt and completely missed his mouth.