Monday, June 29, 2009

Seriously? Has it really come to this?

"Contestants throw down in our new wight-loss dance-off show. Premieres tonight!"

With Jack still out of town, now more new America's Best Dance Crew (which is the best dance reality show ever, truly!), and having caught up with all the shows on the DVR, I have a sick feeling in my stomach that I am going to be front and center for the premiere tonight.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Pretend you are in my Book Club

Last night, after chatter about the book (The Guernsey Literacy and Potato Peel Society--which ALL of you should read) subsided, Laurie asked if anyone had a good summer reading suggestion. I said, "I read a book no one should read." It was Push, by Sapphire.
After explaining the premise (it is about an illiterate, overweight 16 year old, who was sexually abused by her mother, impregnated twice by her father, suspended from school for being pregnant, and finally learning to read in an alt ed class) everyone wanted to know why I read it in the first place, and why I didn't put it down after the first chapter. So now, pretend you are my book club and I actually have a good response for you.
Reticent, I explained why/how I read it in the first place. I don't watch rated R movies and I saw Oprah was pushing the movie (Precious-based on the book) from Sundance and I knew it would be rated nothing less. But it had MoNique in it (who I enjoy)playing a dramatic role, so I thought I'd try it. (Sounded as lame then as it does now repeating it. Thankfully someone changed the subject.)

Here is what I should have said:
Once I was into the book, the victim advocate in me took over. Much of feminist writing emphasizes 'voice'--usually the loss of it. I felt a personal responsiblity to hear her voice. Victims often times are ignored or hushed because no one wants to hear the gory details. No one wants to hear the pain. No one wants to know things like that happen in places like this... SO, what? I can't read what happened to this woman, because it bothers me too much? That's not my style. She had to live through it. I know it doesn't make sense, and in hind sight, I should have walked away, but I was waiting for redemption. Some sort of salvation. I needed justice.

I forgot these stories don't end in justice. Instead, I was reminded of why I had to walk away from my passion in the first place. And thus my need for a rainbows and unicorns book.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Dolly says, " Happy Early B-day!" and "Y'all Come Back Now"

This year F decided instead of having a friend birthday party, he wanted to invite a friend to go to Dollywood. As many of you know, this has been our new favorite family weekend get-away spot. (g & c below)And I know you are laughing--for some reason everytime I say anything about Dollywood, people laugh. I get it. You're the ones missing out though-
Since Jack will be in the throes of a new job around F's bday, we decided to take the trip now, while he has a few days off. So, here are some of our favorite's from this trip.

On the entire drive down, the thunderstorms were insane. Upon finally pulling into Pigeon Forge, we decided to eat dinner at Chik-fil-a because of the indoor play area. While we were ordered, the power went out (quickly resumed), then rain started pouring through the seams of the windows where we were sitting so we had to move.
Turns out, the older boys were too big for the playplace. They were mad I wouldn't let them break the rules and play anyway.
Got to the hotel, watched some killer Majide, and drifted off. Headed to DW the next morning and plowed through the rides. The lines were great--almost no waiting the whole day--except waiting out the storm in the candy store...
and waiting in the toy store for the rain to stop so we could...get on the water rides. And waiting in line for the tree to be cleared off the log ride, once the storm passed. Turns out the water ride lines are even shorter when it is gloomy and people are wet from the rain. All the better for us!
Other than the hour we stirred during the storm, it was a great day (although I'm not sure how I-the only one not in a suit-got the most wet on River Battle and River Rampage...). Lots of rides, yummy food, everyone in good spirits, and fun times had by all. Glad C could join us. Although, now everyone wants to bring a friend along next time. Not sure I am ready for that quite yet.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"Looks like he made it! Ah ah ah ah"

Today is the last day of work for Jack at FES. While I know he has loved his time in Floyd, we are all excited about his transition. Thanks to a schedule that almost never permitted vacation days, he has a stockpile to use now before he starts his new job. So,
YAY!!!! Here's to a new job, biking to work, home at a better hour, gone less, new shiny office, new shiny school, being more involved with the boys school, gas money going to debt and did I mention, 2 miles to work?
(The pictures are from the NO FEAR food contest the PTA held. While he didn't win, he got pretty far. Some other favorite antics from FES: the day they 'locked him in a cage' for the day, keeping his promise to let the students shave his head after SOL scores came in high, students throwing hundreds of water balloons at him for a fundraiser, reading Polar Express to the kindergartner's every Christmas in his pj's, dressing up as Thing 1 for Dr Seuss' bday...oh, what will Belle Heth have in store for him next?)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blackjack you've won, you're 21!

The genius that rhymed 50 with nifty, and Lordy with 40, apparently never knew anyone who turned 21, because there is no great rhyme.

Happy Day, my little sis! I remember when you were born...ok, so maybe not, but I was a tween, so who could blame.
Vegas to celebrate your 21st? Be wise...
Did you know Jack took me to Vegas for my 21st b-day? I remember he bought me my Boston Birks and a swatch (I was watch obssessed at the time, particularly the flik-flak, anyone remember?).
Wish I was there to share the love...

Friday, June 12, 2009

Not only does Jack get a killer new job

but we also got these:
With the new school replacing Belle Heth, the old materials not moving to the new school have been listed on the RCPS website for sale/auction. I have wanted these forever, but never wanted to pay the going rate. I got each chair/desk set and a full size globe for next to nothing. And even though I arrived early, I think I got some of the last ones.
In just the few days we've had them, the kids have done tons of "art" projects with zero prodding on my part. G even says he loves art more than video games. (I just shed a little tear of joy)
The perks of the new school are thus far, neverending! Now if the new school can somehow help me lose 40 lbs, it may solve all my summer problems!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Nothing Says Baby Like a Skull and Crossbones

A few years ago I took a class on piece quilting. I loved and hated it. I loved the cutting, the creating, the unfolding as the design took shape. I hated the sewing, mostly because I am not very good. I can hem or throw together a Halloween costume pattern, but that's where it ends. Occassionally I will piece a quilt top, but it remains as such.
But for my dear friend Lauren, who with three boys, just trumped me with her fourth (and probably final boy), I wanted to do something special for her. So I made her this quilt. But knowing Lauren doesn't sew much, I knew I couldn't just give her the top. Plus, how lame is that gift? So I tried my hand at machine quilting the thing.
It isn't perfect, and I am not convinced it will stay together after she washes it, but I am pretty happy with it. My mom didn't understand why I didn't choose "baby colors"--I thought I did?
-After uploading the pics, looks like my next class should be in photography. Ann, can you teach me how to use my focus/settings now that you have yours figured out?

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Blue Hair Group

For the last day of school G wanted to dye his hair. At first I told him no. When he asked why, I realized, there was no reason why. He chose half blue, half purple. Well, anything G does, S is close to follow. F on the other hand, was a little more hesitant. With an awards ceremony to attend he wasn't convinced. I told him if he owned it, it wouldn't matter what people thought or said. If he was going to shirk and be embarrassed, they would tease more. After seeing how great the little boys looked, he said he was in! "And I want it dark blue, mom."
He owned it. They all did. Now it's what time Sat night and G & S still have blue roots? Thank goodness for the mandatory bath before church in the morning.