Monday, August 31, 2009

5 - 4 = 1

All three boys started school today. (Jack started July 1st)

(watching the neighbors leave, they kept asking me to leave, in spite of the fact the doors were not even open)

S had his first day of preschool (they used the smartboards on the first day--I am so in love!!). G started 1st grade and with S at his school too, he felt like the big man on campus.
F now in 6th, switches classes for 9 periods, and is at the brand new school w/Jack as his principal.
After all carpooling duties were completed, some other preschool moms invited me out to breakfast. After breakfast, I am sure they all went on to work or home to complete complicated and necessary projects. However, I...I am not ashamed to say, I came home and took a nap. (ok, I am little ashamed...but only to say it out loud, I have no shame in the nap itself)

This is going to be a stellar year!

(ps- how horrible is the lighting on these shots? someone want to read the manual for me on my camera?)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Oh my Heaven, he's 11 not 7!

My birthday rhymes are getting officially disastrous! I can't believe we have a son who is 11! I can remember being 11--my mom making me where Gunne Sax dresses when I really wanted to wear a jean skirt, my mom not allowing me to shave my legs and Todd Perdue making fun of me for it, getting in verbal matches with Ashley (?) with a favorite line, "You're no Miss America!", starting to hate math (or at least pretend to), and going to Rec Dances wanting to bust a move, but starting to wonder who might see me and laugh.

Here are 11 things I hope Finn remembers about himself at age 11:

1. How good he is with his brothers--he loves to play with them, have slumber parties with them, and teach them how to do things.

2. How much he loves to read--we go to Barnes and Noble and by the time we get home he is 1/2 way finished with the novel.
3. How into the Food Network and cooking show he is--he knows more about Guy Fieri and Bobby Flay than any other 11 year old.

4. He still loves Webkinz--it's the age I still loved Barbie but pretended not to at school, guess same rules still apply.

5. Anything Lego is his obsession.

6. He beat his mom at scrabble for the first time, days before his 11th bday
7. He loves playing games with his parents after the little boys go to sleep--may this continue forever!

8. He is sensitive to those around him and we all love him for that

9. He slacked off on his Webelos badge all year (it's true Finn, you know it), but when it came time to get it in gear, he worked his tail off and finished on time. I also want him to remember he was learning to whip/fuse rope the night before his 11th birthday...

10. He has a strong testimony of the gospel--he will need it to fortify himself against what is to come in his teenage years. But even at such a young age, he has a moral compass stronger than many adults (sometimes even too strong, is that possible?).

11. He doesn't want to switch lives with anyone he knows--we had a long talk the other day and while he wishes he had this, or could do that, but he understands the strength of being happy with who you are & what you have. It is a lesson I didn't learn until much older. He is strong. And now he is 11.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fresh vs. Factory?

I could eat Mexican food every meal of every day of the week. Using fresh tomatoes from our garden and pineapple salsa from Mr Newman, we had the best tostadas today, thanks to pre-made shells. Thank you, factories, for making pre-packaged foods. Processed foods might not be a staple at our house, but definitely a plus!

Here a favorite story of Jacks from when we first met. It was a Sunday afternoon we were at a friends house (Diane, Jiane, remember Beth?) We wanted to make au gratin potatoes with our meal but I couldn't find a box of them in the pantry, so I told the group it was a no go since we don't shop on Sundays. Jiane said we could make them from scratch and I said, "You can't make those from scratch. Don't you need the powder?"
I have come a long way from eating cold cereal for every meal and thinking all cooking and baking must start with a bag, mix, or box. My children might not know what an ironing board is, but at least they know brownies can be made without a box.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

dollywood 08 macs

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"Happy Birthday in India, Happy Birthday to Mom!"

Wish we were there to put a candle in a mango to celebrate your birthday with you! We love you lots and will be thinking of you all day (and night) and hope you are doing something fun in honor of your birthday. Here are some favorite memories everyone wanted to share with you in hopes of making you smile...

"Grandma-Happy Birthday today. For her birthday I can flush her down the toilet and have somebody draw on her. Just kidding! I love you. Be nice to everybody on your birthday and remember to take a bath so you aren't dirty. I want to give her some flowers and a toy robot. Love, S"

"I can't wait to see you again. I miss you. Happy Birthday. I wish I could be in India to celebrate your birthday. I would give you $40 and a lots of hugs and kisses. Love, G"

"Before Gma & Gpa went on their mission, they went to Dollywood with us. The whole time we were always talking, laughing, and having fun the whole day. Later that evening Gma and Gpa revealed their mission call. It was to INDIA!! That was probably the best Dollywood trip ever.

Happy birthday Gma. If I could, I would give you a scrapbook of every single thing that has happened since you have been gone. Sincercely, F"

Joan- Happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful time having such a unique birthday in such a unique location. Your birthday this year will be nothing like any birthday you have had or will have. Thanks for being such a great example of service to me and to the boys. We love and respect and miss you so much. Thanks for being on a mission and letting us wish you happy birthday from afar. (even on your vacation, you were serving as you made COTA bracelets with us) love, jaimeMom- I am so glad that you are able to serve a mission right now. We are so proud of you and we pray for you every day. We love hearing your stories and experiences. I hope that you are having an amazing birthday in India. I love your sense of adventure and I love that it has taken you all over the world. Just think of all the places where you have yet to visit! I love you so much and I am so excited to be able to travel with you when you get back. Love always, Jack

Friday, August 07, 2009

My kids can say a lot of things about me, but they can never say I was a dud!

With a 40% chance of thunderstorms, we weren't sure if we should venture out (particularly with their no returns no refunds for rain policy). But then when we heard the high was going to be 96 degrees, we figured at least we'd have fun until the storm rolled in.
I almost had a panic attack on the Vortex and Cave-in, but alas, I survived with no tears. The children were stoked. Only F braved the half-pipe though.6 children + 7 peaks = an 8 am sleep-in! (even on vacation they have been up around 6:30-7) am)

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

No our vacation has not centered around restaurants

But, we have insisted on a few key meals:
Fried bean burrito from Taco Time
Apple beer and pasta bar at Brick Oven
Sandwiches from Sconecutter
Lime Rickeys from Artic Circle
Burrito, enchilada style, from Cafe Rio
Carmel brownies from Kathy
Orange rolls from Provo Bakery
Frappes from Grandpa
and anything with Grandmas homemade freezer jam
So far we have played and had tons of fun with the cousins. Putt-putt, Classic Skate (yes, it looks exactly the same, sans the lockers), swimming, Nickel-cade, sprinklers in the backyard, "resorting" at the Zermatt, jumping on the tramp, tye-dyeing tees, and bbq-ing with family and friends.
How are we ever to return to real life? Now all we need is for Jack to quit his job and join us in our life of perpetual vacations. Lotto ticket anyone?

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Our vacay within a vacay!

No, we are not stopping in Germany or Switerland, but we are headed to the Zermatt Resort in the morning. We are all watching the clock in anticipation! What is happening to Utah? I can't decide if I like it or not. Soaking in the hot tub in the mountains, I think I will love the changes. However, driving around town in the traffic, construction everywhere, overwhelmingly crowded neighborhoods, restaurants and shopping centers that dominate the landscapes, and the bleach blonde, big hair, size 2 boob jobs in their workout suits driving their escalades make me not sure how I am going to weigh in. I need a few more days...