Sunday, May 31, 2009

Not Tom Burgeron now, nor Bob Saget Then

I hate this show. Everyone else in the house LOVES this show. It is not funny. Yet, whenever I hear four boys cackling like monkeys from the basement, I know they are watching this show together and loving it.
Hearing them, now that makes me laugh. Not enough to go down and join them.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Custody Weekend

Between my work and church schedules, it seems that I am not around for many things that the boys and Jaime do sometimes. Two weeks ago, I took Friday off from work for a boys trip. We did an over night trip to Dollywood. It just so happened to coincide with Mother's Day weekend, so Jaime got to have a weekend to herself. Although we missed Jaime, it was great to get out with just the guys. Anytime I take them somewhere by myself, I wonder if I look like a dad on a custody weekend. Not that there's anything wrong with that. We drove straight to Dollywood on Friday morning and then went to our hotel. The boys thought that it was one of the nicest hotels that we had ever stayed in. I would say that I got my $44 worth. That night we went for a quick swim. Walked next door to go out to eat. Ate ice cream and then watched TV until we fell asleep. The next morning, we returned to Dollywood where we tried to ride everything as we had the first day. Things were going great until it started pouring rain. We stuck it out for a few more hours. We rode a couple things in the rain and then we headed home. My favorite part was when S said, "You're the best Dad ever" and G said, "This is the best trip we have ever been on".

The following weekend we went on the Fathers and Sons campout in Rural Retreat. Traditionally it rains everytime. As luck would have it, we were dry the whole time. We got an amazing new tent from Linda that sleeps about 50 people. The boys were excited because it was big enough to dance in. Finn loves playing capture the flag each year. This was the first year that I let him play unattended. He played until 11:00!

The new phenomenon this year was soda bottle rockets. Two different groups had built big pressurized pvc pipes that hooked up to air compressors and and shot 2 liter bottles.

Then there was the awesome egg toss.

I love that the boys are growing and changing everyday. They are the best boys ever and I love them so much. Maybe this weekend we can go tubing down the New River. Long live the custody weekends!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The spirit of Besty Ross does NOT dwell here

Attn: Real quilters/seamstresses need not continue

I have seen t-shirt quilts before. I was browsing online the other month and saw one made using sports shirts. This is F's last season of rec soccer so I decided I wanted to make one. Having given several of his shirts away to goodwill over the years, I went and purchased back as many as I could find. (My own little economic stimulus contribution) Adding to what I had kept/been given, here is the finished product.
The most disappointing part is that I sewed the green polka fabric around the edge for the binding, but couldn't make it work. I cut it too small, then had to cut it iff, so alas, I caved and used the pre-made binding. Plus, the stretchy material was a bear, especially for my beginning level skill, but, hey. So Betsy Ross, I am not, but I am counting on the mega-crooked seams and the not-so-straight-lines going unnoticed to the tween. (how can I squeeze one more apositive into this post?)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Not in this economy

We have noticed there is a drastic downturn in the amount of blog updates. We figure it must have something to do with the economy.
I mean come on people...if we stop blogging, the terrorists win. Right?

Monday, May 11, 2009

Dude, I got a dell!

On Fri Jack took the boys to Dollywood so I went shopping in Roanoke and spent the night in a hotel with a pool. (I have stumbled upon what is going to be a new Mother's Day weekend tradtion-thank you Priceline). Saturday night they came home late and went straight to bed. Sunday they pampered me all day with delicious foods, a great nap, and a day of doing nothing.

As my Mother's day gift I got a toaster.
The most awesome toaster in the world!!
I told Jack I already ordered his Father's day gift and it doesn't compare--so gear up.
Several friends have mentioned how much they hate Mother's day--either the fake attention or the lack of attention or the pomp and circumstance or the lack thereof, some even have extra work on Mother's day doing things for other mothers.
I have always loved it (and not because I get a computer everytime--because I definitely have NOT)... I love how the boys totally get into it. I love the lazy day. I love getting something random for my mom that she would never get for herself. To the naysayers--I really am sorry (you deserve to enjoy it), but no anti-rallies to threaten my day, ok?

Friday, May 08, 2009

Happy Mother's Day Far Far Away

I know you are far away, but I want to wish you a Happy Mother's Day all the same. I wish you the best day and hope you can enjoy reading about some of my favorite memories of all the things that make you such an awesome mom. Even though we are not close in miles, I still feel so very close to you and am so grateful for the things you have done and the person that you are--I am so proud of what you are doing and how you are handling everything on your mission. Those experiences you are having are making you an even better mom and grandma. -I remember coming home from kindergarten to find you in the hall doing headstands. That picture is vivid in my mind. You have always found ways to stay healthy-how cool it was to have a mom who did headstands!

-As a parent I don't know how you did it, but created many of my favorite memories from childhood--our trips to Europe. Two trips to europe before leaving high school--how did you pull it off? Thank you!! Because of your love for travel and sharing that with me as a child, now as a dad, i want to travel and want to give my children your tradition of loving travel.

-Even as a your child, I have always been amazed by your love and knowledge of scriptures. You are such a great example of love and service to your family, always willing to do more than is asked of you without complaining. Thank you.

-One of my favorite stories about you that will always touch me is the story I heard but don't remember. It is of of how you loved me and held me and knew I would be alright after my accident. Hearing of your strength and motherly love in that tender but critical moment will always remain a strong bond between us. I love you mom.

-It has meant a lot to me that even though we live far away, you have always made it a priority to come out and visit. You have created and maintain a strong bond with my sons and that means so much to me. My favorite memory of your visits happened last year. Even though you don't like getting wet you agreed to go tubing in the rain and were such a great sport. We still talk about that day with you guys.

...and of course, there is Dollywood and reading your mission call in the hotel room.

Mom-you always dream big and somehow find these ways to make your huge dreams for us an awesome reality. Our family trips, our dream house,, and all the dreams you had for it...thank you for all of it!! I love you. Jack.

Friday, May 01, 2009

If we can save Chuck and Betty, let's axe perverts and super cops

Fearing my mention of loving Betty and Chuck in an old post sent them to the hall of cancellation, I was ecstatic when I learned our outrage was heard and they were both coming back--in spite of threats they were over. So if our voices can be heard to save, can we now use our voices to cancel? I vote we start with these.