Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Jack got Brazil, I got a Canon.

Not that it's tit for tat over here (who are we kidding?) but with Jack gone to Brazil, I was left with lots of time on my hands. Time to think, and time to buy. We stewed for months about whether or not I should go to Brazil with him, and in the end, I decided I should stay home. Jack was bummed because he kept trying to get me to go, but it just never felt like the right decision. Now I know why. Because if I had gone to Brazil, I never would have felt justified in buying my new Canon Powershot SX40. I have been wanting a bridge camera (or superzoom, as my research taught me they are called) for a few years but my old tiny camera just wouldn't die. It tried a couple times, but was brought back to life each time. Jack took it to Brazil and while he was away, life was happening and I couldn't take pictures. I really had no choice in the matter--the situation compelled me to buy. It was almost like a power controlled me. (we are all clear this is total crap, yes?)
So far my favorite function is the "sports" dial. It allows me to take continuous action shots. You know, for all the sports I attend. (insert trampoline shots, the sportiest sport at our house)

I love it! And I've only had it for a few days but I am having so much fun. On the down side (maybe), it did not come with a manual (sorry Jack-now I CAN'T read it) so I am just playing around. And here is what I have done with no skills and no manual...

Imagine what I can do when I have some skillz!

P.S.-This post is sponsored by My New(ish) Job!

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Chee-z-y Postcards, "This Insults Women" Stickers, and Blue Nail Polish

I was looking for something in office and stumbled across my two shoe boxes and decided it was time to reminisce. You know "the boxes." The memories you hold onto from your other lives. With the Jack gone and the boys wrapped up in the Olympics, I pulled them both down and decided to take a stroll.

It's crazy (there is a better word, I just don't know it) how many different lives we live. Each of mine have sculpted and crafted me into who I am today. Some for the better, some for the worse. I don't want to wax all philosophical here, but reading all the letters, seeing all of the phases-it feels like I have crammed so many lives into my 35 years of living. Remembering I was a person before I was married. I had loves and friends and experiences that were incredible and amazing and such a blessing to my life. Remembering Jack and I were lovers before we were parents. We were parents of 1 before we were parents of 3. We were young parents before we were old parents.

I just feel blessed for the phases of my life and all the people along the way who have inspired me, taught me, connected with me, loved me, and helped me become ME. What's the next phase going to bring?