Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Who are you, West Jordan "Harkin family"?

Someone sent us a package. Addressed to us and everything. No note, no card, but a holiday version of this game and a bag of m&ms to play it. Thank you. We have a homemade version of this game made w/ a blank form and stickers that we have been using since Finn was probably 2. So thanks for the fancy one, Mystery Mailer. And if you know anything about this secret delivery from somewhere in West Jordan, UT, please, identify yourself!
And if you haven't played, and have young children, its a great game (especially for Family Home Evening). This one is a free download http://www.executivehomemaker.com/2009/04/dont-eat-pete/. You can also use a blank bingo-type card with your leftover scrapbook stickers.
(We also use cereal instead of candy most times--not because we don't want our children to have candy, but probably because they have eaten candy for bfast, lunch, and dinner.)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

How trying to save $1 cost me $200

I am trying really hard to lessen my carbon footprint where I can. I really am. Call it cheesy or foolish or whatever, but I am trying to do my part. I recently destroyed my $1 scissors by cutting label sheets. They were super gummy so I went to throw them away and figured for $1 I could get another pair of crappy scissors. Then I took a moment and thought if I boiled them I could probably wipe the goo off. I did, and it worked, mostly. There was just a little goo left and I thought, "Rather than sit here and scrub, if I boil them just a minute longer, they will be perfect."

Enter 3 year old with some crisis, 6 year old with some question, and a laundry pile that was actually depleting at my diligence, and the result:
I thought I saw smoke coming from the upstairs hallway and thought, "What could be burning, I am not cooking?" I didn't even remember (I blame the anesthesia, from October) Awesome. My Le Creuset--destroyed. Made worse by the fact that everyone hassles me because I had no proper kitchen utensils, but it didn't matter, because I had my Le Creuset. It stayed out at all times and made kitchen magic happen.
And like I will spend the money for a new one. Oh the travesty! Please everyone, take a knee.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

No, we did NOT move to Vermont!

All our friends in Colorado and Utah will think we are nerds because we finally have a real snow storm here and you'd think we'd hit the lotto! Usually we get, at most, a couple inches once or twice during the season, and flurries occasionally, but not much real snow. Not REAL packing, sledding, building, out West/up North sort of snow. Well, we did!
(note the CA boy with no gloves...if you could see his shoes, no boot either. Let's be clear, not because he doesn't own them, but because "the temperature is good.")
(digging out our cars for church in the morning)

While we lost all the money on our hotel in D.C. because our trip was canceled, we have had a great time playing in the snow (or watching the kids play in the snow, as the case may be) and knowing that even if we wanted to go somewhere, everywhere is closed. In fact, last night we were all bundled up and headed to the car to go to Applebee's for dinner. Turns out Applebee's (and every other restaurant in town) closed early so they too could play in the snow! Good for them.
(S favorite move: the belly flop)
Sidebar: F turned the basement into a restaurant for him and the little boys to eat their junk food buffet the babysitter to fix while we were away. I love my kids!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Grandpa Santa

My mom and James have been playing Santa and Mrs Claus for years now. They are actually pretty good!
F indugles them,
G chuckles the whole time, but still asks for his list, just in case.
Even still, S won't go near either of them.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Of course it happened on a travel day!

The first snow of the season came the morning Jack and F were leaving at 5:30am to Harrisonburg for the FLL State finals. Of course. We only got about 3 inches that stuck, but it snowed all day.
Jack said where he was, they got about 6 inches. The little boys had great fun though, even though Jack wasn't home to take them sledding.
Snow angels on the trampoline. We always thought we would take down the mat during the fall and winter, but they bounce on that thing all year long, rain or shine, snow and sleet! Still on the fence about whether or not Cookie was thrilled with the snow.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

2nd Annual Favorite Things (aka Precious Moments)

My personal faves from this year: Being ok with cutting back when I prefered getting more elaborate. Good food, even though a lot was pre-packaged this year. Good vibes, in spite of a crazy last few months. Creative and wonderful "Favorites" from everyone. Laughing, even though it highlights my double chin and makes my sore gut hurt more. And most of all, friends, who are fantastic! Mom, sitting back and taking in all my crazy friends and their antics. (Mostly laughing because she thinks Ann is the funniest person ever!)
Amy, tossin' back the blood orange italian sodas! (and using southern contractions)
Carol, channeling her inner Lionel RichieMelinda, cursing her inability to channel Usher.
Brittany, showcasing her Clemmer anti-musical dna, shared across the gene pool. Paige, laughing while denying her rage associated with Tears in Heaven.
Ann, teaching us about "milkshakes", which we cannot show a picture of here.
Since I couldn't go to the Lego League State tournament with F and Jack because my energy just isn't back yet, I went ahead with my Favorite Things party. It's been one of the lights at the end of my tunnel the past few weeks, and yay for me, it finally arrived!