Saturday, December 05, 2009

2nd Annual Favorite Things (aka Precious Moments)

My personal faves from this year: Being ok with cutting back when I prefered getting more elaborate. Good food, even though a lot was pre-packaged this year. Good vibes, in spite of a crazy last few months. Creative and wonderful "Favorites" from everyone. Laughing, even though it highlights my double chin and makes my sore gut hurt more. And most of all, friends, who are fantastic! Mom, sitting back and taking in all my crazy friends and their antics. (Mostly laughing because she thinks Ann is the funniest person ever!)
Amy, tossin' back the blood orange italian sodas! (and using southern contractions)
Carol, channeling her inner Lionel RichieMelinda, cursing her inability to channel Usher.
Brittany, showcasing her Clemmer anti-musical dna, shared across the gene pool. Paige, laughing while denying her rage associated with Tears in Heaven.
Ann, teaching us about "milkshakes", which we cannot show a picture of here.
Since I couldn't go to the Lego League State tournament with F and Jack because my energy just isn't back yet, I went ahead with my Favorite Things party. It's been one of the lights at the end of my tunnel the past few weeks, and yay for me, it finally arrived!


Amy said...

Well that's just...precious.

Lauren in GA said...

That looks like my kind of party. I would have loved to have helped Melinda channel Usher.

It looks like it was fantastic! Did Amy say, "Ya'll" that the southern contraction?

Bob and Joan said...

Your favorite things moment is one of our favorite things to read about. Looking forward to next years post.`

Melinda said...

I nee your help Lauren!! So much fun!!

Melinda said...

Sorry...I NEED w/a d your help Lauren!

Brittany said...

yeah for next year!!!

Elizabeth said...

I was wanting to do a bi-annual one because I was missing the one we had in the spring. I got called to be Primary President and that flew out the window.

Glad you had a great time with your great friends!