Friday, July 20, 2012

No creepy naked men eating strawberries, but still fun

As we were planning our trip to UT, Jack and I wanted to do some things with the boys that we used to do while we were in college. One of them was hiking to a local hot springs, the Hot Pots, and swimming in the warm water. As we investigated, we found the hike was 2 miles in and thus 2 miles out. Nothing to college students--a hassle for the 6 year old. We thought that might be a little long for Sawyer (yeah, Sawyer would be the one struggling...)  in the 100 degree heat, so we looked to see if there were others. Of course there was, but this one seemed the best. Indeed it was awesome! One of the major highlights of the trip for me. The open waters required life vests, but the little "tubs" on the side did not.
 The water was about 90 degrees and the open water was 70 feet down. The inside of the crater felt spongy and dense at the same time. It was totally crazy, and wonderful. The water was so clear! We went with cousins Reaghan and Haden, who live 45 miles from the crater, but had never even heard of it. Makes me wonder what is just around the corner here at home that we are totally missing. For all you UT dwellers and SLC visitors, GO take a dip in the crater. (Plus, since you have to pay here, unlike the spring of college years, you are guaranteed everyone will be clothed, unlike the spring of college years! At the Hot Pots, you never knew who would be there lanky and naked, climbing over the rocks. No this is not a reference to Jack.)