Friday, February 25, 2011

Yep-Me and June Cleaver, BFF

I try to leave the soap box rants off the blog (sort of, at least not about real issues). But I have to say something and since there are like 3 of you listening (reading) I figure this is a safe space. Please tune in for my diatribe about being a stay at home mom (SAHM in blogger world).
Dear Lady Who Sat Next to Me at Swim Lessons,
1) I actually LIKED my job before becoming a SAHM
2) I was pretty darn GOOD at my job before becoming a SAHM

3) I didn't chose to be a SAHM because I had no career, no skills, and no other options

4) Being a SAHM was a willing sacrifice, not a plan B

5) Of course becoming a FT SAHM at 23 involved some paradigm shifting, rethinking, and redirecting of my goals.
6) That shift, however, was not because of oppression, but because of the exact opposite...the opportunity to choose to stay home.
Additionally, I don't want you to say how being a SAHM is "great, but it's so not for me. I could never do that. You are so wonderful that you can do that. I love my career too much. I love my job so much. I could never quit my job. We need the money. We couldn't live without my paycheck. " All of that may be true-but lay off the condescension. Are you trying to make me feel OK about staying at home or are you trying to make yourself feel better about working FT?
Guess what? I thought I would have a couple more years in my career, but when I found out I was pregnant and would have a child, I knew for me and what I believe, I knew that staying home with him, no matter the cost to my career/lifestyle was top priority. Living on a dime, not spending money on frivolous things, learning to live on one income, putting off career goals until another phase of life, it was all a choice. Lots of women wish they could stay home but have to work. I believe being a SAHM is a privilege.
And guess what else? I have lots of friends (actual people) who work FT and raise their children. I do not just hang with a bunch of "mommies" who have nothing to do except talk about how many diapers they have changed that day. Really.
I was talking to a teacher the other day who had a baby in the Fall. All she could talk about was how she wished she was at home, playing with her new baby. She couldn't wait until the bell rang to let her go home. She dreamed about being able to make it work so she be home with her baby all the time. I was. I am. And I feel blessed to have been around for all the bumps, bruises, crazy, manic, sad, lonely, exhilarating, hysterical, bonding, loving, playful, fun, hair-pulling, joyful days. You don't have to try and make me feel good about my decision to stay home. I am pro-choice and this is what I chose.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We never claimed to be picture perfect

Which is a good thing-because if we had, I'm pretty sure we'd be called liars! This is what perfection looks like at the McKinley house...
You can thank G for farting which got us this one. This was F's response to the question about a girlfriend.
G thought when she said make a crazy face she meant look possessed.

The adults playing normal.

Heaven help this crazy mess of a crew.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

How sweet-Blogger is protecting me

So, you have seen the new layout on my blog by now. It's not by choice. I wanted to upload the greatest pic of "My 3 sons" but blogger won't let me. I have now tried several different templates both from blogger and other sites. Clearly, blogger does not want freaky internet predators to see how cute my boys are because they want to protect us. Awwww.

Now, who's going to come over and fix this?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Don't blame me-I'm just the sub

So I signed up to substitute teach this year. Since I can't sub at Jack's school (what's up w/nepotism policies?), and I am scared of the high school (although I hear the band gig is the best b/c you just play a video), that only leaves the PK-2 school. After subbing for special ed, spec ed aides, kindergarten and the librarian, turns out I have a new appreciation for the teachers my boys have had over the years. And a new question of sanity for Jack.

Oh, and sign me up for Corporate America sponsoring schools. I am all for some Chipotle offered at the school cafeteria and a Cold Stone to cap off the day. Brand away, little school. Sell out already. Teachers are ready--at least this psuedo-teacher-for-a-day is ready anyway!

Today went great though. At least this time the child I was an aide for didn't pull the fire alarm. Again. I mean, for the 3rd time. But probably only because he started homeschooling.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

I'm not convinced we shouldn't move to Nicaragua

Lately Jack and I have caught the bug. Truth be told, I have had the bug for like a year, but Jack is finally on board: we need a bigger house. The bummer is that for about $250,000, we could probably get into a great house. Curses public education!

Jack's latest idea is for us to convert this into our new home.
In spite of the great price for the square footage, I just don't think we can afford the renovations (but of course we are going to go look at it anyway).

I watch enough House Hunters International to know we might be going about this all wrong. Seriously, I'm not so sure we shouldn't just do this:

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Baby Soy is 5. Hwha?

S wanted "chili soup and soda" for his birthday dinner tonight. In 12 years I have never made chili by request, especially for a B-day dinner. Pizza, sure. Pasta, maybe. Soup-never.

I could list the 5 reasons I love him most. 5 ways he has changed our lives. 5 things that he routinely says that make us laugh hysterically. I will do none of those. Instead, I will post something just to show my pure love for him. "My little pony,
all skinny and bony.
Farted on purpose,
and blew up the circus."

See S...I do love you more than I can express. Your favorite song that I despise is now emblazoned on paper, the Internet, and in all of our brains--just what you've always wanted!
Happy Birthday Baby Soy Soy!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

This is what Friendship and Charity looks like

You see 30 blankets.
I see friends who gathered their family together to do service one night tying blankets for others. Friends who heard me asking and simply answered. A friend who donated money knowing her dollar goes a little further than her sewing skills. Another friend who listened to me drone on about which blankets to buy with said money. Friends who carried blankets in their luggage across the country. Friends who pulled out old fabric and spent time on this instead of something else. Friends who tried new techniques and let others reap the reward instead of themselves. A friend who remembered yet another thing on her already harried Target run. Friends with babies and families and busy, busy lives who helped me with my MLK service project. So thank you.
Martin Luther King Jr. would feel glad people served.
I feel extremely blessed to count those people as my friends.
Oh yeah...and in 14 days instead of 40, nontheless!!! I'm shipping on Monday unless you tell me otherwise.