Tuesday, February 08, 2011

I'm not convinced we shouldn't move to Nicaragua

Lately Jack and I have caught the bug. Truth be told, I have had the bug for like a year, but Jack is finally on board: we need a bigger house. The bummer is that for about $250,000, we could probably get into a great house. Curses public education!

Jack's latest idea is for us to convert this into our new home.
In spite of the great price for the square footage, I just don't think we can afford the renovations (but of course we are going to go look at it anyway).

I watch enough House Hunters International to know we might be going about this all wrong. Seriously, I'm not so sure we shouldn't just do this:


Ann said...

i have the bug too. and my house isn't too small. i just have the bug. and i also drove past some abandoned building and wondered if we could do it over into a really cool house! have you ever seen that show on hgtv? where they take random buildings and turn them into homes? it's fascinating! good luck with the search!

Dirt Queen said...

Jeff and I will do our best to get you guys into more comfortable digs.

Beth Freestone said...

Oh my gosh, Brady and I watch House Hunters International all the time and I often think that it would be fun to move somewhere exotic and get an awesome house and be close to the beach and give our kids an international experience. Let us know, maybe we'll be your neighbors!!

BTW--don't you love the rich people who are getting vacation homes and are so snotty about the bathrooms and kitchens. Hate em!

Elizabeth said...

I have always wanted to convert a church into a home. I say do it! (easy for me to say) It's got a kitchen and you can remodel slowly!

Lauren in GA said...

I love the idea of living in a renovated church! Remember the cute one right across the street from Price's Fork Elementary? I still sigh and dream about what that would have been like.

Your kids could skatboard and roller blade in the parking lot!

I am day dreaming about owning a renovated church again.

It's so fun to look, at least!

Elizabeth said...

Go for it but only if they include the pews! Joan