Tuesday, February 01, 2011

This is what Friendship and Charity looks like

You see 30 blankets.
I see friends who gathered their family together to do service one night tying blankets for others. Friends who heard me asking and simply answered. A friend who donated money knowing her dollar goes a little further than her sewing skills. Another friend who listened to me drone on about which blankets to buy with said money. Friends who carried blankets in their luggage across the country. Friends who pulled out old fabric and spent time on this instead of something else. Friends who tried new techniques and let others reap the reward instead of themselves. A friend who remembered yet another thing on her already harried Target run. Friends with babies and families and busy, busy lives who helped me with my MLK service project. So thank you.
Martin Luther King Jr. would feel glad people served.
I feel extremely blessed to count those people as my friends.
Oh yeah...and in 14 days instead of 40, nontheless!!! I'm shipping on Monday unless you tell me otherwise.


Amy Turner said...

That is so great! I have at least 2 here to add to that haul.

Lauren in GA said...

Oh, I thought we had until February 28th...do you still want me to send mine?

Brittany said...

Impressive...and super cute to boot!