Thursday, February 03, 2011

Baby Soy is 5. Hwha?

S wanted "chili soup and soda" for his birthday dinner tonight. In 12 years I have never made chili by request, especially for a B-day dinner. Pizza, sure. Pasta, maybe. Soup-never.

I could list the 5 reasons I love him most. 5 ways he has changed our lives. 5 things that he routinely says that make us laugh hysterically. I will do none of those. Instead, I will post something just to show my pure love for him. "My little pony,
all skinny and bony.
Farted on purpose,
and blew up the circus."

See S...I do love you more than I can express. Your favorite song that I despise is now emblazoned on paper, the Internet, and in all of our brains--just what you've always wanted!
Happy Birthday Baby Soy Soy!


Brittany said...

1st--no link
2nd--who sings the song?

Lauren in GA said...

Aaaaack...I can't find the link!!!!!

Oh, my gosh...that took me a minute to stop laughing so that I could type a comment...he's a lyrical genius, that's obvious.

Alyssa said...

I marvel at how these songs can spread from coast to coast. Our version goes like this:

My little pony
all skinny and boney
went for a walk one day
tripped on a wire
fell in the fire
and now it's a beautiful day
hey hey.

I hate our version too. Happy birthday to a pretty cute guy!

Beth Freestone said...

Cute picture! Happy Birthday 5 year-old!

Ann said...

5?!? why does that sound SO OLD?? i hate that i'll be in the same boat later in the year. he's adorable! hope he had a great day! and might i say taht you, jaime, are looking mighty trim!