Thursday, February 17, 2011

Don't blame me-I'm just the sub

So I signed up to substitute teach this year. Since I can't sub at Jack's school (what's up w/nepotism policies?), and I am scared of the high school (although I hear the band gig is the best b/c you just play a video), that only leaves the PK-2 school. After subbing for special ed, spec ed aides, kindergarten and the librarian, turns out I have a new appreciation for the teachers my boys have had over the years. And a new question of sanity for Jack.

Oh, and sign me up for Corporate America sponsoring schools. I am all for some Chipotle offered at the school cafeteria and a Cold Stone to cap off the day. Brand away, little school. Sell out already. Teachers are ready--at least this psuedo-teacher-for-a-day is ready anyway!

Today went great though. At least this time the child I was an aide for didn't pull the fire alarm. Again. I mean, for the 3rd time. But probably only because he started homeschooling.

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Lauren in GA said...

It boggles the mind all that teachers, principals and subs have to go through. I agree...Coldstone would take the edge off and ease the stress.