Friday, September 26, 2008

She blinded me with science

Although it's probably more appropriate, in my case, to say "She was blinded BY science." Sorry Thomas Dolby, but we have already copped to butchering lyrics. I am now the coach of F's Lego League Robotics team. In the end, it turns out, we are just THAT nerdy.

Today the discussion of team names took almost 1.5 hours. The final three we are letting percolate are: the Happy Kiwis, the Lightening Bots, The Radioactive Nachos. Uber-geeks. We are now doing research projects on global warming for fun? So help us, we have crossed over.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"Cuz I am barely breathin', & I can't find the air. I don't know who I'm kidding, imagining you care..."

Toppers. I hate them. Today, I am one. I hear people complaining about their busy lives and I nod, I shake my head, and offer my apologies. I tell them how I am constantly amazed at how they get things done. Then I go home and spout off to Jack about how "They think their lives are busy...well...!" I am pretty good at juggling, but last night, I realized I am in over my head.
I must document this so when my boys are older, but I am really old and require placement in the best of assisted living facilities, I can bust this out.

Soccer for G (same nights as F)
Soccer for F (which I found out AFTER the fact, is now involves traveling)
PSA Board, Fundraising events across the board
PSA Make and Take Stamp Fundraiser
Homeroom Mom
Yearbook Committee (of 3)
Cub Scouts
4 hours/wk Lego League (COACH--that is an entirely separate post)
my 2 church callings (while minimalist in nature, are still on my things to do list)
Bishop's wife (which I have decided is its own calling)
Reading for VT (my PT 10 hour a week job)
2 Book clubs
never mind, just life, which means cooking, cleaning, loving, and laughing (and finishing THE OFFICE 4 before season 5 starts)

Oh, but wait, I am not pregnant or nursing, so I guess I the cartoon lady wins.

(ps-who crooned the title?)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy, Happy Birthday Jaime Dear!

Jaime- I love you so very much. We have the best boys ever. You are truly the greatest wife, mother, and best friend. Thank you for all the things that you do to keep our family glued together. I hope you have the best birthday ever as you turn 29. Love- Me

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Covergirl or Clown: It's a thin line

My sister came into town last week to celebrate my birthday a little early since my mom was going to gone on my actual birthday. We had a lovely day of shopping and Olive Garden, but it was a trip to Belk that made me realize I am getting old.

At age 32, I was ambushed. My sister and mother decided THIS was the year--the time had come for me to wear...MAKE-UP. I have never worn make-up before (minus my MAC lip liner and lipstick which I was introduced to in college by my friend Beth, and even that was more about playing at the MAC counter than anything else). As they wisked me away to the Lancome counter, all I could think was, "Someone I know is going to see me in this chair being decorated by Desiree." I pretended she was Carmendy.

No Carmendy before and after shots of me, just of my morning ritual counter (except not every morning). It went from:
deoderant, burt's bees chapstick, and nuetrogena facial lotion
all of the above, plus foundation/blush, and cover up

As we walked around the mall after my "session" all I could think was that people were staring at me because I was so pink. My mom said I still didn't have enough blush on. My sister said she could hardly notice it, but that it "gave me that extra something."

So the ambush was my sister's gift, and the make-up from my mom. Now, because of our $35 or more purchase, I did get some free stuff. And we all know how much I love FREE, so it helped soften things. ("So does blush", says Desiree.)
I wore my new make-up on Sunday. No one noticed except my mom and sister--and they only assumed because they said I put it on too light. But I want no apologies--doesn't that just prove my point? Next week, a little darker I guess. Turns out, for $76, I could still become a woman at 32.
Maybe for my next birthday I will learn to decipher the instruction sheet they included for eye makeup.

Monday, September 08, 2008

36 reasons this birthday will NOT be Jacks favorite!

...except not literally 36 reasons because that goes from being funny, to just plain sad, and birthdays are supposed to be HAPPY! We'll go with 9 instead because he was born on the 9th.

1. He's not getting his Yaris (and he's mad because they make a 4 door in Iceland, but not in the US--but that's not why he's not getting it).
(Jack on far right)

2. There won't be a pinata (because I'm pinata'ed out from our Ward Fiesta 3 days ago).
(fourth from the left)

3. He has to go to work because he doesn't believe in lying to call in sick.
(jack and richard)

4. He's not in Paris...nor will he be going anytime in the near future.
(jack karen richard)

5. He shares his birthday with Carl, who is a year younger...which means he's not considered "young" anymore amongst his friends and peers.
(jack with his new byu hair)

6. School just started which means work is crazy right now and his "carefree" days are over-(as if he's had a care-free day in awhile!)

(karen and jack)

7. I won't make him his favorite cake, which is carrot cake with homemade cream cheese frosting--because I will only make the cake from a box and he says he doesn't want it if it's not from scratch.

8. We were going to try and go out of town, but a new puppy cannot go to Dollywood yet.

9. He won't be able to sleep in, get breakfast in bed, watch movies all day, go tubing with the boys, eat a fancy dinner while kids are at the sitters, go sit and read magazines at Barnes and Noble, go to bed early, OR any of the other things that Jack enjoys doing when he can steal away a few minutes for himself. Sorry babe.

But we all love you still the same! It won't be the most memorable, or the most exciting, but with love, we sing, "Happy Happy Birthday Jackie Dear!!!!"

(Hope you enjoyed the photo montage of Jack through the years)

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Go Fish!

Our friend Aaron guided us on a fishing expedition for Labor Day. Sounds adventurous, eh? We only went down to Bissett, but the pics make it look so Field and Stream!

F even ripped a worm in half and put it on his hook (only so I'd stop bugging him about it though).
S lasted about 13 minutes before I took him home so the rest of the boys could actually try and do something.
G lasted unexpectedly longer, although once soaking wet, was not interested in much except dinner at home (and not of fish).
Jack was just thrilled you could buy a fishing license online so he wouldn't have to step in Wal-Mart.
And I, I was glad Aaron and Jack stayed so I had an excuse to home...getting dinner ready for the MENFOLK. We had the non-traditional Labor Day fair, chicken curry.

Thanks again Aaron, for gathering the equipment and for our triumphant win--KABOOKI!