Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"Cuz I am barely breathin', & I can't find the air. I don't know who I'm kidding, imagining you care..."

Toppers. I hate them. Today, I am one. I hear people complaining about their busy lives and I nod, I shake my head, and offer my apologies. I tell them how I am constantly amazed at how they get things done. Then I go home and spout off to Jack about how "They think their lives are busy...well...!" I am pretty good at juggling, but last night, I realized I am in over my head.
I must document this so when my boys are older, but I am really old and require placement in the best of assisted living facilities, I can bust this out.

Soccer for G (same nights as F)
Soccer for F (which I found out AFTER the fact, is now involves traveling)
PSA Board, Fundraising events across the board
PSA Make and Take Stamp Fundraiser
Homeroom Mom
Yearbook Committee (of 3)
Cub Scouts
4 hours/wk Lego League (COACH--that is an entirely separate post)
my 2 church callings (while minimalist in nature, are still on my things to do list)
Bishop's wife (which I have decided is its own calling)
Reading for VT (my PT 10 hour a week job)
2 Book clubs
never mind, just life, which means cooking, cleaning, loving, and laughing (and finishing THE OFFICE 4 before season 5 starts)

Oh, but wait, I am not pregnant or nursing, so I guess I the cartoon lady wins.

(ps-who crooned the title?)


Amy said...

gin blossoms
i am a silent topper too
but i am not driving to dublin so, you win

Lauren in GA said...

Good grief!

You need a nap...

a massage...

some bon bons...

and another nap...

Melinda said...

You know---I think your visiting teacher should be doing better. It sounds like she's not being supportive enough. I'll have to check on that. Hope today was good. Oh--it was pack meeting, right?

Ian said...

So I'm finally going to comment on a post and just say how much I love reading your blog. It is wonderful...keep the posts!