Thursday, September 18, 2008

Covergirl or Clown: It's a thin line

My sister came into town last week to celebrate my birthday a little early since my mom was going to gone on my actual birthday. We had a lovely day of shopping and Olive Garden, but it was a trip to Belk that made me realize I am getting old.

At age 32, I was ambushed. My sister and mother decided THIS was the year--the time had come for me to wear...MAKE-UP. I have never worn make-up before (minus my MAC lip liner and lipstick which I was introduced to in college by my friend Beth, and even that was more about playing at the MAC counter than anything else). As they wisked me away to the Lancome counter, all I could think was, "Someone I know is going to see me in this chair being decorated by Desiree." I pretended she was Carmendy.

No Carmendy before and after shots of me, just of my morning ritual counter (except not every morning). It went from:
deoderant, burt's bees chapstick, and nuetrogena facial lotion
all of the above, plus foundation/blush, and cover up

As we walked around the mall after my "session" all I could think was that people were staring at me because I was so pink. My mom said I still didn't have enough blush on. My sister said she could hardly notice it, but that it "gave me that extra something."

So the ambush was my sister's gift, and the make-up from my mom. Now, because of our $35 or more purchase, I did get some free stuff. And we all know how much I love FREE, so it helped soften things. ("So does blush", says Desiree.)
I wore my new make-up on Sunday. No one noticed except my mom and sister--and they only assumed because they said I put it on too light. But I want no apologies--doesn't that just prove my point? Next week, a little darker I guess. Turns out, for $76, I could still become a woman at 32.
Maybe for my next birthday I will learn to decipher the instruction sheet they included for eye makeup.


Brittany and John said...

You looked great!!! Now, just color your hair and you'll look 5 years younger. Forget 32, let's go back to the 20s! I'm sorely disappointed that I didn't think of before and after. Oh, and ambush my suggested it :)

Jaime said...

bah-lah! I merely said I wonder if I will ever wear make-up, you were like, "Now!! We're doing it right now...Look younger for your bday!" blah blah blah. Then why didn't we go get boob jobs and lypo too?

Amy said...

i do love that you went to the mall for your makeover.
are you ready for an eyebrow wax with me?

Lauren in GA said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh, I want pictures of you!!!! I know you looked fabulous!! Take it from me...I have been wearing too much makeup for years...

Sooooo, what did Jack think? I bet he thought it was fabulous, too.

Not that you need always look great, don't get me wrong...oh, I am paranoid...

I betcha more people noticed on Sunday but, they just didn't want to make you feel uncomfortable.

Oh, I can't wait to buy you your first eyelash curler. I never feel presentable without my lashes curled into 90 degree angles and slathered with mascara.

And everyone knows you don't need a boob job...
I love your writing, you described Desiree and how the fact that some items were free and that helped soften things, ("So does blush", says Desiree") are such a witty writer.

1BomChet said...

Yeah !!!! This think is make interested .. Why you said it's to decipher for eye make-up....