Friday, September 26, 2008

She blinded me with science

Although it's probably more appropriate, in my case, to say "She was blinded BY science." Sorry Thomas Dolby, but we have already copped to butchering lyrics. I am now the coach of F's Lego League Robotics team. In the end, it turns out, we are just THAT nerdy.

Today the discussion of team names took almost 1.5 hours. The final three we are letting percolate are: the Happy Kiwis, the Lightening Bots, The Radioactive Nachos. Uber-geeks. We are now doing research projects on global warming for fun? So help us, we have crossed over.


Lauren in GA said...

I always knew you were BRILLIANT!!!

I like, "The Radioactive Nachos", but of course...I always cast my vote for anything junk food related. Kiwis are too healthy.

Can you just imagine in competition your team name being announced over the PA system? "Next up, The Radioactive Nachos!"

Mrs. MadGenius said...

vote Ubergeeks as it is my email address and amazing. :)

I wish I could be a lego team thing...

Brittany and John said...

We have a split vote at our house. We have 1 for Radioactive Nachos and 1 for Happy Kiwis.

If it takes you that long to come up with a name, how long did it take to build the robot???

Jen said...

Welcome to the vortex of LL, I feel your pain. Does this mean F's team will be competeing against J's team? Nothing wrong with some healthy competition, I hope.