Monday, September 08, 2008

36 reasons this birthday will NOT be Jacks favorite!

...except not literally 36 reasons because that goes from being funny, to just plain sad, and birthdays are supposed to be HAPPY! We'll go with 9 instead because he was born on the 9th.

1. He's not getting his Yaris (and he's mad because they make a 4 door in Iceland, but not in the US--but that's not why he's not getting it).
(Jack on far right)

2. There won't be a pinata (because I'm pinata'ed out from our Ward Fiesta 3 days ago).
(fourth from the left)

3. He has to go to work because he doesn't believe in lying to call in sick.
(jack and richard)

4. He's not in Paris...nor will he be going anytime in the near future.
(jack karen richard)

5. He shares his birthday with Carl, who is a year younger...which means he's not considered "young" anymore amongst his friends and peers.
(jack with his new byu hair)

6. School just started which means work is crazy right now and his "carefree" days are over-(as if he's had a care-free day in awhile!)

(karen and jack)

7. I won't make him his favorite cake, which is carrot cake with homemade cream cheese frosting--because I will only make the cake from a box and he says he doesn't want it if it's not from scratch.

8. We were going to try and go out of town, but a new puppy cannot go to Dollywood yet.

9. He won't be able to sleep in, get breakfast in bed, watch movies all day, go tubing with the boys, eat a fancy dinner while kids are at the sitters, go sit and read magazines at Barnes and Noble, go to bed early, OR any of the other things that Jack enjoys doing when he can steal away a few minutes for himself. Sorry babe.

But we all love you still the same! It won't be the most memorable, or the most exciting, but with love, we sing, "Happy Happy Birthday Jackie Dear!!!!"

(Hope you enjoyed the photo montage of Jack through the years)


Lauren in GA said...

Oh my, YES!!! I did truly enjoy the picture montage. I am sure you have heard this ad nauseam but,...I think S looks so much like Jack in those early years pictures.

Happy Birthday, Jack!!!!
I love the BYU hair...and the picture of you love birds in Paris!

Jenny said...

I love you brother! And I am so proud of the man you are.

Elizabeth said...

I hope you get to relax on the weekend. If I was there I would babysit. Happy Birthday!

Brittany and John said...

How could you not enjoy that! Happy birthday...thanks for playing games with us!!!