Thursday, September 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Jaime!!!

Happy Birthday Jaime. I hope you have a great time in Utah. The boys (myself included) miss you dearly but we are doing well. See you soon babe!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Nature Deficit Disorder? Not MY kids!

Today Jack had late church meetings, so in order to break up what I call the "witching hours" (pre-dinner time, like 4-6) we called our friend the Turners (whose dad was also gone all day with church meetings) and we decided to meet up at the park. Being Sunday, we went to the walking nature park, rather than the ones with the swings to avoid the inevitable begging/denial. Radford is on a mission to connect all paths in the city so there is a walking path connecting the entire city. Wildwood Park is one of those paths, along a creek, with foot bridges. The kids love to go walking there and ride scooters or catch bugs.
S found great fun and was laughing hysterically when he found a rock pile and starting throwing rocks down in this dusty "puddle" (what do you call a puddle that is dry? a hole?).

S was totally on his own--he was independent on the walk, just as he is in everything else.

S took a break and plopped down on the path...he's our cheeseball!
And I know it looks like I only took pictures of S, but it's just that his were the only ones that really turned out, besides the group ones.

Friday, September 14, 2007

All you want is for them to speak--until they do!

S is yammering up a storm. The one problem is that while he is totally clear on what he is saying, the rest of us are struggling to understand. I just wish he had the instantaneous gift of gab--but then maybe I don't . G's preschool teacher yesterday told me that while they were playing "Superheroes" on the playground, G said something that stopped her in her tracks. They were each deciding what their "superpower" was going to be when clear as day G announced he had "telekinesis." She asked him to repeat himself, and concerned he had spoken an "inappropriate word" he was reluctant. She said it was fine to repeat and he said, again, "telekinesis." He explained himself and went on his way. Thank you to all family members in both our lines who are so verbose, they have somehow managed to pass their wordsmith traits down through their DNA now. Thank you.

Monday, September 10, 2007

I thought and thought, and then I forgot!!

Jack is now half-way to 70 and I was going to post yesterday on his actual birthday, and thought about it several times, but then it never happened...sorry babe! But, in light of a private moment between Jack and I, I have modified what I was going to say, to now only say this...

I know he's not white, but he's watching you all the same...

Jackie Baby--I love you! Happy Birthday, yesterday!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

A marriage of musical genres

Tonight we went to see John Mayer and Dave Matthews Band. DMB organized a free concert for the VT community in memoriam and to kick start the semester after the tragedies of 4-16.

We sat in Zone 4--on the field, and they were great seats...Everyone from VT got 1 free ticket with a lottery for a second one. Since my stepdad was in Scotland, and so was his friend, we got their tickets. It was tons of fun!!

It prompted me to make a list of concerts Jack and I have attended together. I thought there were more, but I guess an average of one a year since we have been together isn't horrible. Here goes:

  1. Echo and the Bunnymen
  2. Ben Folds Five (2 times)
  3. Ben Harper
  4. Lillith Fair
  5. Indigo Girls (2 times)
  6. Breeders
  7. Pixies
  8. Violent Femmes
  9. Blur
  10. Dar Williams
  11. John Mayer/Dave Matthews Band

Jack's favorite: Pixies

Jaime's favorite: Lillith (8 months PG, nonetheless)

Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day is better known as Pool Closing Day

Around here, Labor Day marks the end of afternoons at the pool, because most of the pools close down. When we were in Paris, Gpa Bob took the boys swimming at the Lake and the pool almost everyday...sometimes twice a day. We belong to a club pool and much of the summer was spent there...that is, until our good friends, the Turners, bought a house with a pool. Which was of course, days after we paid our dues to the club pool. Personal Pools in Radford are unheard of, so we are "livin' large" to have friends with a pool. We are hoping to sneak one or two more days in, but the leaves and the winter weather will close even this pool soon enough. G was very timid in the water last year so we put him in swim lessons at the hospital indoor pool over the winter months and it made all the difference. He was nonstop!
The ever popular handstand contest.
S loved the water--all summer. But it took awhile to get him in the float. Once he made the jump--literally--from baby float to boy float, there was no stopping him.
F, B, and B kept trying to get me to capture their jumps--turns out I need a higher end camera. This was our best one. Note F's tiny waist and emaciated ribcage as he sprawls through the air.
Goodbye Summer--Fall, we can't wait for the leaves and finally wearing our cute sweaters we bought on clearance last year!!