Friday, September 14, 2007

All you want is for them to speak--until they do!

S is yammering up a storm. The one problem is that while he is totally clear on what he is saying, the rest of us are struggling to understand. I just wish he had the instantaneous gift of gab--but then maybe I don't . G's preschool teacher yesterday told me that while they were playing "Superheroes" on the playground, G said something that stopped her in her tracks. They were each deciding what their "superpower" was going to be when clear as day G announced he had "telekinesis." She asked him to repeat himself, and concerned he had spoken an "inappropriate word" he was reluctant. She said it was fine to repeat and he said, again, "telekinesis." He explained himself and went on his way. Thank you to all family members in both our lines who are so verbose, they have somehow managed to pass their wordsmith traits down through their DNA now. Thank you.


Elizabeth said...

Quetzali said after spending three weeks with Kai here that you have to be kailingual to understand him.
You do raise them smart over there.

Jack McKinley said...

Kailingual, i like it! I am so excited to see you guys--Jack even more. The kids are thrilled too! Not much time, so we have to make it quality!