Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day is better known as Pool Closing Day

Around here, Labor Day marks the end of afternoons at the pool, because most of the pools close down. When we were in Paris, Gpa Bob took the boys swimming at the Lake and the pool almost everyday...sometimes twice a day. We belong to a club pool and much of the summer was spent there...that is, until our good friends, the Turners, bought a house with a pool. Which was of course, days after we paid our dues to the club pool. Personal Pools in Radford are unheard of, so we are "livin' large" to have friends with a pool. We are hoping to sneak one or two more days in, but the leaves and the winter weather will close even this pool soon enough. G was very timid in the water last year so we put him in swim lessons at the hospital indoor pool over the winter months and it made all the difference. He was nonstop!
The ever popular handstand contest.
S loved the water--all summer. But it took awhile to get him in the float. Once he made the jump--literally--from baby float to boy float, there was no stopping him.
F, B, and B kept trying to get me to capture their jumps--turns out I need a higher end camera. This was our best one. Note F's tiny waist and emaciated ribcage as he sprawls through the air.
Goodbye Summer--Fall, we can't wait for the leaves and finally wearing our cute sweaters we bought on clearance last year!!


Elizabeth said...

I can't believe what a cutie S is and I have never met him. Hope our package made it to you. We miss you all.

Brittany & John said...

We, too, are mourning the loss of our pool :( Until next year...