Monday, March 31, 2008

The Unforgettable Performance I managed to Forget

As I was sorting the photos from the last 2 months, I realized I never posted about F's 2nd year in the Missoula Children's Theatre production. This year, over 120 children auditioned and only 47 made it--Finn was one of them. The show was loosely based on Robinson Crusoe. Cast in the only role he didn't want, Member of "The Very Hairy Frowny Faced Tribe," he was thrilled to get a part when all of his friends who auditioned this year, did not! As the leader of his tribe, he did a fantastic job and he had the best hair of all of them. For a child who as a young boy was so shy and reserved, he never ceases to surprise me. I was so proud of him, when he continued on when we knew no one else in the show and didn't have his buddies this year to hang out with at any of the rehearsals. He constantly amazes me as he tries new things, and usually succeeds. At some point I need him to fail, just so we can have a "teaching moment" that sometimes things don't work out, even when we try our best. But for now, we relish in our own little world of never-ending triumphs, and 100%'s--because we know they can't last forever.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Some Christian, more Pagan

Springtime came and brought with it the usual cold and windy Easter celebrations. Somehow this year we wound up at 5 Easter Egg Hunts, each with their own slant. All were great though and here are some highlights:
One our way to our first hunt the typical dancing with baskets on our heads broke out. Every year, once the baskets come out, the "basket hat" is a trick that resurfaces daily.
The hay ride at the Buchinsky's farm while the eggs were hidden was a big thrill (except that S fell asleep on it). It was great because for 3 hours the kids roamed freely, with no concern of wandering into the road, "stranger danger", or anything of the other current maladies plaguing my parenting. (Our TJ grocery bags serve for everything--I highly reccomend buying several and just leaving the stash in your trunk...I need more!)
The hunt at Gma's house was great, because for kids, quantity always wins out over quality--and it was a cold, cold hunt putting the quality up for question. Although, the quality of the loot there was Cadbury Bunny certified.
(See the distance covered here--this was an egg hunt!)
Finally, the season came to a close where we went to church to celebrate, you know, the reason for Easter (which is NOT about matching ties, but I sometimes have to be reminded). F gave an amazing talk on the Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ, while G whispered for the entire 3 hour block, his hopes and dreams of the location of his Easter Basket at Grandma Linda's (she hides them for the kids to find).
Next year I think we are going to rearrange our Easter priorities, but this year, the kids had one egg-stravagant (you knew it was coming!) Easter season!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ladies of the Canyon (or Mtns as it were)

Melinda, Amy, Elaine and I took a road trip last year this month. This year, because Melinda is still breastfeeding we did an abbreviated version. We did an afternoon/evening in Floyd and then sadly bid Melinda farewell and drove on to a cabin on the Blue Ridge Parkway, about an hour from home. (3 cheers to Melinda for being a responsible mom!) Elaine was able to procure its usage for the $30 cleaning fee, so we were thrilled!

It began with window shopping in the local hippy town of Floyd where we bought organic this and that, and clothes from Ecuador under the no-so-Hollywood-Label "Wear The Change You Want to Bring." (Didn't Gwenyth or Britney sport that on their last red carpet walk?) Then on to dinner at Oddfellas where we had salmon, scallops, and chimichangas. I think our table menu was Floyd-Mex Neuveau. Paula Deen will be coming out with a cookbook soon.We proceeded to the Friday Night Jamboree at The General Store where we thought we were going to listen to bluegrass, but instead were blessed by the musical stylings of a gospel quartet who taught us that indeed, Today is Just Another Day in God's Coloring Book. Who knew?
We also learned why there aren't very many women in politics--it turns out it is to hard to put make-up on 2 faces! Oh, now I understand--I always thought it was chauvanism.

But then the Bluegrass band came out and it was fantastic! Cloggers and flatfooters sprung up from the their seats and it was a free-for-all. Regrettably we couldn't stay long for the band, because claustrophobia had set in and we had expended most of our coping skills on the gospel band. We headed off to our cabin and drove the parkway in the miserable rain, with the engine light on, hoping to not get lost. The cabin was great, with some eccentricities of its own...Amy turned out to be the brave one (but not brave enough to sleep up there!).
Saturday was spent walking the Parkway, at Mabry Mill, shops at Meadows of Dan (all four of them), lunch at the local diner for $9.98 for the 3 of us, and back at the cabin making cards, playing games, and eating lots of food. (Turns out we are not so hot at the self-portrait shot)
We drove home Sunday AM since we were instructed by our Bishop we needed to be in Sac. Mtg for the "count". (We're trying to get a new bldg) Right, Jack?

I am grateful for good friends who like me enough to spend more than an hour with me, and for a wonderful family who knows I am better for them when I have been good to myself!

(*Prize to the first person to identify the title reference)

Drum Roll,please...

Amy, you win! What you win is the affirmation that you would be best in the Final Showcase Showdown.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

And the retail price is...?

3.5 gallons of milk

8 full size boxes of Honey Bunches of Oats

18 eggs

2lbs of cheese

bag of Bagels


What did we pay?

(and this game is no fun if you blow it by guessing something ridiculous like $3)

Hint: 3 of these items were full price

Monday, March 03, 2008

To Err is Human, To Err with Flowers is Divine

So Saturday night before I left to get together with some friends, Jack surprised me with flowers. He handed them to me and gave me a kiss and said, "Happy Anniversary--it's the anniversary of the day we first kissed--April Fool's Day." I said thank you as I chuckled a little, because while we did have our first kiss on April Fool's Day, Saturday was March 1st. The first thing he said when he realized what had happened was that I couldn't tell anyone about his faux pas-ever.Then last night as he was looking at the flowers, he laughed and said I could tell people because it was a funny story. When I was talking to Amy I told her the story and Jack's response. She was like, "What? People are going to think he is a bad husband because he brought you flowers just because he was overly thoughtful?"

Oh to have a partner who makes those mistakes...So thanks for the flowers, Jacky!

The other funny note, is that again, after mulling over the "mistake", we laughed because he replied, "The worst part about it is that I have been planning this all week!"