Wednesday, March 12, 2008

And the retail price is...?

3.5 gallons of milk

8 full size boxes of Honey Bunches of Oats

18 eggs

2lbs of cheese

bag of Bagels


What did we pay?

(and this game is no fun if you blow it by guessing something ridiculous like $3)

Hint: 3 of these items were full price


Ben & Amy said...

it looks like the milk was discounted and i'll bet the cereal was free w/coupon. so you paid for the bagels, eggs and cheese. So, around $15?
this is like supermarket sweep without the matching sweaters.

Jenny said...


Lauren said...

Are the cool bags included for, "free" (even though they are probably a hidden cost somewhere?)

Is there a, "Trader Joe's" in Radford...I have never heard of Trader Joe's before.

Okay, I guess $29.99

ohhhhhhh, this is exciting!

Jaime said...

L-No TJ's in Radford SADLY because it is our favorite grocery store. It there is one near you guys--go in, TODAY! So nope, those are just my grocery sacks that I didn't move out of the pic.

Brittany & John said...

OK...your Kroger has different sales than mine but i'm guessing there were a few 10 for 10 items and a few bogo', $31.76

Anonymous said...

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Lauren said...

Is that Celular person "spam"? Get off my friends' blog you weirdo! It is MY job to tell the owners of this blog that their posts are, "likeable and their blog is very interesting" Ptooey! you weirdo, go away!