Thursday, March 27, 2008

Some Christian, more Pagan

Springtime came and brought with it the usual cold and windy Easter celebrations. Somehow this year we wound up at 5 Easter Egg Hunts, each with their own slant. All were great though and here are some highlights:
One our way to our first hunt the typical dancing with baskets on our heads broke out. Every year, once the baskets come out, the "basket hat" is a trick that resurfaces daily.
The hay ride at the Buchinsky's farm while the eggs were hidden was a big thrill (except that S fell asleep on it). It was great because for 3 hours the kids roamed freely, with no concern of wandering into the road, "stranger danger", or anything of the other current maladies plaguing my parenting. (Our TJ grocery bags serve for everything--I highly reccomend buying several and just leaving the stash in your trunk...I need more!)
The hunt at Gma's house was great, because for kids, quantity always wins out over quality--and it was a cold, cold hunt putting the quality up for question. Although, the quality of the loot there was Cadbury Bunny certified.
(See the distance covered here--this was an egg hunt!)
Finally, the season came to a close where we went to church to celebrate, you know, the reason for Easter (which is NOT about matching ties, but I sometimes have to be reminded). F gave an amazing talk on the Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ, while G whispered for the entire 3 hour block, his hopes and dreams of the location of his Easter Basket at Grandma Linda's (she hides them for the kids to find).
Next year I think we are going to rearrange our Easter priorities, but this year, the kids had one egg-stravagant (you knew it was coming!) Easter season!


Lauren said...

That was an, "egg-cellent" (hey, I laughed at your "egg-stravagent" play on words) post on all of your Easter festivities. I have pictures of my kids with their buckets on their heads, too. I need to post them.
Your Sunday attire pictures look so great! So handsome.

Lauren said...

I just had to come back and re-read this because it was so great.

Joan said...

Would love to have been there for some or all of this holiday, especially the wonderful talk and that quiet whispering.

Loved the view of the rolling hills. Little children rarely get to be alone and here it looks like it's just them and the whole world.

Anonymous said...

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