Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Things I am loving these days

I love it when:

1. I am listening to good music in the car and can zone out.
2. All three bathrooms are clean at the same time.
3. I check the clock and realize the boys have been playing together for hours and there have been no arguments or trouble.4. I get a pay check from subbing and it is more than I expected.
5. I get snail mail.
6. Jack has late meetings, the boys are in bed, and I actually find shows I want to watch on the DVR.
7. I eat cereal with luke-cold (can I use that bc it really describes it well) milk
8. I make dinner and it is as good or better than something we could get at a restaurant.
9. We are invited to friends homes for dinner, games, or just to hang out.
10. I read a blog and it makes me laugh because it represents that person so well, or just because it is really funny.
11. Jack blows off his homework for chill out time (equal only to him having no homework at all)
12. My new (to me) van!! (and all the accessories it has...vain, yes. Comfy ride, yeesss!)
13. Nestle Tollhouse Choc chip cookies with caramel filling.14. The anticipation of summer break which means days at the pool, no schedule to follow, late nights, and no homework to check.
15. The ease with which our family comes and goes. Everyone can dress themselves, wipe themselves, put their own shoes on, buckle their own seat belt, feed themselves, entertain themselves (even entertain us). I'm sure it's my defenses talking, but our family the way it is right now is pretty darn awesome!
16. My new sandals from Target. I love them.17. Having 3 boys. I can skip the girl drama for now. Being in the schools makes me appreciate this more. Yes, I missed the bows and dresses, but I'd say we're even.
18. F packing his own lunch. I should have started this years ago.
19. Jack will be finished with his EdS in June, then just 2 more years and the EDD will be behind us...so we can then send F to college.
20. Feeling genuinely happy and peaceful. Yes, there are things I am unsettled about, but overall I just feel like things are so great for us right now. We are busy, we are manic, we are stressed, but mostly we are really good.

Monday, May 23, 2011

It won't sound like it, but I had a great day.

I have been processing an idea. I want to squelch all the hatred in my heart. Not that I harbor hatred, but there are things I don't like. Things that bother me. Things that I strongly dislike. Things that make me sad. Things that offend me. Things that I let get to me. I thought maybe if I put some pen to paper (fingers to keys) I could do some purging. There is a thin line between things I hate and general pet peeves so I have thrown them all into the mix. Here goes, wish me luck.

I hate it when:
1. Someone chews ice (or crunches anything loudly).
2. I am running late (or when others do and don't give notice).
3. You see someone you know knows you and they don't even nod.
4. I forget things (which is happening more and more lately).
5. Someone lies to me.
6. I burn something (because I was too stubborn to start a timer).
7. Someone acts like a friend to my face but treats me like an enemy behind my back.
8. Toothpaste gets left on the sink basin.
9. I think I look one way and then see myself in a different mirror and then see myself in a totally different way.
10. People (including myself) fall short of my expectations.
11. I think something is clean but then the only way you find it is by scouring the bottom of the dirty hamper.
12. I think I have time to finish/start a task and then suddenly my time is up.
13. People who have to "TOP" you. I say I'm busy, they say they're busier. I am tired, they are more tired. I am happy, they are happier. You know the type.
14. Someone is a know-it-all. But I need a better word. More like a "seen/heard/done-it-all." Every time I say I just heard of a new thing, they knew about it already. I read a new book, they read it 3 years ago. I just got a new recipe-they invented it. This happens everytime you mention something (because obviously it will happen). You know this type too.
15. People think it is ok for them to break the rules, but not for anyone else.
16. I am left with only conditioner in every bathroom.
17. The only time people call you or come over is when they need something.
18. I always ask, but rarely get asked.
19. People cannot accept a difference of opinion-because you share views they think we must agree on everything.
20. Someone thinks that because you have things you don't like you must be sad or lonely or depressed.

Look for my corollary post, "I love it when:..."

Saturday, May 21, 2011


It's no Suburban (which we decided we could never do because of the gas and carbon footprint) but...

Thank you Honda for making an 8th seat. It's the only upgrade feature we decided we had to have and since Kia 8th seaters are only available in Australia and Canada and Toyota 8th seaters are only by special facory orders, Honda won.

And a call to all of you buying a car soon-if you buy it from Shelor and you take a Radford City school coupon (which you can get from me or Jack or any school) they give the school anywhere from $200-$500).

Monday, May 02, 2011

Now I am THAT mom everyone is judging

So I forgot it was picture day the other week. I often do in the Spring because I usually buy the Fall pictures and do not need another round of school pictures. However, I usually at least pretend I am going to buy them by sending the children in something "picture-worthy."

Not this time. Note, however unplanned, they still both ended up in matching t-shirts. T-shirts and athletic pants, mind you, but matching. Then to boot they sent a note home saying they were going to take "graduation" pictures of the departing 2nd graders. Also not wanting those pictures, I put another mind-block up because I was asked to send him in a white shirt for those pictures. Turns out we forgot on that day too and the teacher had him borrow one from a classmate. Oops.

Great. I'm THAT mom now. And who needs to buy pictures when I can scan them for free instead of paying $13 a picture? (oh, guess I'm also THAT mom too!)