Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Things I am loving these days

I love it when:

1. I am listening to good music in the car and can zone out.
2. All three bathrooms are clean at the same time.
3. I check the clock and realize the boys have been playing together for hours and there have been no arguments or trouble.4. I get a pay check from subbing and it is more than I expected.
5. I get snail mail.
6. Jack has late meetings, the boys are in bed, and I actually find shows I want to watch on the DVR.
7. I eat cereal with luke-cold (can I use that bc it really describes it well) milk
8. I make dinner and it is as good or better than something we could get at a restaurant.
9. We are invited to friends homes for dinner, games, or just to hang out.
10. I read a blog and it makes me laugh because it represents that person so well, or just because it is really funny.
11. Jack blows off his homework for chill out time (equal only to him having no homework at all)
12. My new (to me) van!! (and all the accessories it has...vain, yes. Comfy ride, yeesss!)
13. Nestle Tollhouse Choc chip cookies with caramel filling.14. The anticipation of summer break which means days at the pool, no schedule to follow, late nights, and no homework to check.
15. The ease with which our family comes and goes. Everyone can dress themselves, wipe themselves, put their own shoes on, buckle their own seat belt, feed themselves, entertain themselves (even entertain us). I'm sure it's my defenses talking, but our family the way it is right now is pretty darn awesome!
16. My new sandals from Target. I love them.17. Having 3 boys. I can skip the girl drama for now. Being in the schools makes me appreciate this more. Yes, I missed the bows and dresses, but I'd say we're even.
18. F packing his own lunch. I should have started this years ago.
19. Jack will be finished with his EdS in June, then just 2 more years and the EDD will be behind us...so we can then send F to college.
20. Feeling genuinely happy and peaceful. Yes, there are things I am unsettled about, but overall I just feel like things are so great for us right now. We are busy, we are manic, we are stressed, but mostly we are really good.


Brittany said...

It's true...the drama I can do without, but that dance recital was pretty much the most adorable little thing ever. Just accept and embrace the life of boys and once you're totally settled in that life, the "drama" will come!!!

Lauren in GA said...

Great list.

So, so, true. #4 makes me so happy in my own life. It happens so rarely to me, it seems.