Sunday, June 05, 2011

Rockin' the hawk!

Last year on the last day of school, he shaved his head because the school met their goals on their end of year tests (appropriately named the "SOL test"). So again, students lined up to take a swipe with the clippers...Except this year, they did not meet their goal of a 90% pass rate--they missed it by 1%. Jack told them they could not shave him bald because they only scored 89%, they would have to leave 1% of his hair. In case you have not had this experience yourself, let me share with you: it is VERY difficult to take an adult with a mohawk seriously. He wanted to keep it for the party we went to that night. I can't tell you how many people asked me how long he was going to keep the mohawk. My standard answer was "9am-when the barber opens." Also strange, the amount of people who said they like the mohawk better than the bald. Several people suggested he sport it to church but thankfully he does have limits. (Although I have to say, I am sad I did not get a picture of it styled...)


Lauren in GA said...

Seriously, Jaime. Jack is so awesome. I love that he let them give him a hawk.

I burst out laughing when I read, "appropriately named the "SOL test."
You kill me.

Estrogena said...

Um--won't this give students an incentive to miss it by 1% again next year? This is hilarious. What a sport.