Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tainted Love (maybe?)

So help me, I am lost. Since F was 4, he has wanted a dog. While somewhat afraid of them, he has always been drawn to the idea of being a dog owner. We originally told him he could have one when he was 8, thinking it was a forgettable phase.
At 8, we managed to do what parents to best: deflect and manipulate. Yes, F, you can have a dog, IF, you really want one and the accompanying responsibility. We focused on the early morning potty trips, the wintry walks, the poop-scooping, the grooming, the trouble. We talked him out of it, but made him think HE was the one deciding against it. (Not my proudest parenting moment.) I was just so unprepared myself, I guess I plain chickened out.
Relentless, his B-day is approaching and guess what he wants? You guessed it: a Yorkie poo (No, John(s) this is not something nasty). We drove to see a man about a dog (again, not a euphemism). He has puppies for sale in Lynchburg...and, no surprise, F fell in love.
What am I going to do? I say "I" because Jack has wanted a dog since our union 11 years ago. Help me, dog lovers, is it worth it? Coming from someone who has NEVER had a pet, you have some convincing to do...so, GO!

And before you say it, I have a 12-point criteria list for any dog crossing my doorstep, and this one is it. We tried the Humane Society and the local Rescue, and unable to save the 3 legged, one eyed Pinscher, we lended up back at this one. But we TOO saw the Oprah on puppy mills, so we will stay clear of those...PROMISE!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Last Mormon Housewife Comic Standing

Sometimes I think I am funny. Sometimes I think I am witty. Sometimes, I am. Only sometimes. But there are women who write what my conscious mind would say, if I were as witty as I think I am (and if I dared say in public what I gripe about in private).

There is a collective healing taking place among Mormon women through blogs that speak of Gunne Sax dresses, Forgotten Chicken recipes, their latest Etsy item, oddly named children, and perfection. Oh how they make me laugh. Some are droll, some cross the line, but here are two of my favorites.

For a satire: seriouslysoblessed.blogspot.com
For "tellin' my truth": kasm.blogspot.com

As Lil' Mama would say, "Ya'll did ya'll's thing." And we thank you for it.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Not good enough for the scrapbook? Throw 'em on the blog!

Here are some favorite vacation photos from our trip to Williamsburg and VA Beach that won't necessarily make the scrapbook, but represent vacationing with a family of 5 (or 17 as the case was this particular week).

Jack sporting G's headphones riding back to our timeshare from VA Beach
Typical shot of S the entire trip. When we weren't at the pool, he would just sit and ask if we could go to the pool.
After walking around Busch Gardens for a little while, G kicked S out of the stroller declaring it his. Grandma was lucky S conceded or he'd have been gunning for her ride.
Only F could pull off goggles at the beach--barely.
This miserable shot is of R and I singing karaoke & waking up the people down the hall. Clinton and Stacy--Help me.

Here's to next year...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

5 is the new 50

G turns 5 today and in honor of his birthday here are 5 of my latest favorite G antecdotes:

1. One of my favorite expresssions is "Holy Cannoli!" From that, G has changed it and one day started saying, "Holy Ca-Italy!" He hasn't dropped it yet.
2. "Telekinesis is moving things with your mind."
3. We were at the park and G announced he wanted to have a race. "I want to be Yoshi, you can be the Computer." (thanks video games--even our imagination is plagued by you)
4. He tries to do everything in his underwear. Sleep, eat, play, everything. When I asked him why he won't ever wear clothing, he simply stated, "It just feels better that way."
5. "Mom, you will love me forever, right? You still love me even when I am mad at you."

Yes, G even when you are mad at me. Happy 5th Birthday!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Winterizing a small Willage

One night on vacation Jack and I slipped away for an hour to do a little outlet shopping. We slipped into Children's Place to get the boys some school clothes. While we pretty much bombed out on that front, we had royal success on another.

We were at the cash register to pay for the 3 sweater vests I bought (for $23--which I thought was a deal at the time) for the boys. There was a big bin next to the register marked 5 for $1. Being the bottom feeders that we are, we investigated. It was tons of nice knit and fleece hats, mittens, scarves, and gloves. Having 3 boys also means losing tons of those things, so we thought for $0.20 we'd toss some in. As she was ringing them in, we were like, "Oh, buy a few more for neighborhood kids." Seeing we were easily persuaded consumers, the salesperson said, "Are you sure you don't want more? Your total is only at $7."
"Heck, why not? We can donate some to the Women's Resource Center. Ah, get a few more, we can donate them to the Christmas Store." Again, seeing we were just flaunting our 1 dollar bills around, she said, "Do you just want to buy it all?" We looked at each other and said, "Why not?!" And she dumped the bins onto the counter. We had left these fleece slippers in the bins because we didn't like them, but when we realized we could donate them to a little girl who has never owned a pair in her life, the $0.20 seemed to beckon us onward. In dumping the bins of unwanted items into our bags we also came across a girls sun hat, a few bow ties, and some purses. It was a veritable menagerie.
So in the end, we were able to buy 76 items (some rang in at $.09) for $17.16. (See S with our receipt.) We figured we got it all for about 98% off. I do believe we hit the motherload and every sale from here on out will be a disappointment. It's hard to peak at such a young age, but alas, some people go there whole life without such satisfaction.

And PS--if you show up at a baby shower where I am giving a hat, glove, and scarf set--mums the word, eh?

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Ingrid Betancourt is FREE! And I had nothing to do with it. Shame on me.

Tonight I heard the most memerizing press conference with Ingrid Betancourt herself. She has been held hostage in Colombia for 6 years, captured while she was running for President. Here is where is gets trippy for us.
About 4 years ago Jack bought me this book at the Dollar Store because he knows I am a sucker for anything about female political activists. And I read quickly--so for a dollar, why not. I read the book and it was fascinating. I thought it was so fantastic--such an bold and assuming woman--but I never followed up on it.

While we were in France, this exact pic of her book was hanging on a humungous banner draped from a building we stumbled upon. We figured she was there speaking about her book or politics in Colombia or something, since it was the jacket cover on the banner. She also is a French citizen, so we didn't think much of it. Plus, not reading French put us at a disadvantage.
Turns out it was a vigil for her, and they used that cover because it was the latest pic of her. Seeing the headline tonight, Jack called me in and we were flabergasted to see she has been in captivity for 6 years, and tonight she is free. No thanks to us.
It was an ironic kick in the pants that I have got to do more--to be more. Not just for my family, or my community, but for the world. I want my boys to grow up defending the undefended. Rescues like this won't happen everyday, so I have got to be a voice for people who have none. No excuses.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Musical chairs--without the chairs

I just finished a fantastic vacation with my extended family. I want to post about some of our events, but until I get the chance, I just want to tell them how wonderful it was to spend time with the wonderful women who shape my life...even if it was an event just trying to get a photo taken with them!
Love to all--Wendy and Reaghan, where were you for this ladies only shot? Well, ladies only with the exception of S's tiny legs.