Sunday, July 27, 2008

Last Mormon Housewife Comic Standing

Sometimes I think I am funny. Sometimes I think I am witty. Sometimes, I am. Only sometimes. But there are women who write what my conscious mind would say, if I were as witty as I think I am (and if I dared say in public what I gripe about in private).

There is a collective healing taking place among Mormon women through blogs that speak of Gunne Sax dresses, Forgotten Chicken recipes, their latest Etsy item, oddly named children, and perfection. Oh how they make me laugh. Some are droll, some cross the line, but here are two of my favorites.

For a satire:
For "tellin' my truth":

As Lil' Mama would say, "Ya'll did ya'll's thing." And we thank you for it.


Brittany and John said...

I'm glad you enjoy it...I laugh at loud every time I read it!

Jenny said...

thanks I'll check it out.
I have a great baby name for you if you ever had a girl.

Lauren in GA said...

Where did you get that kasm one? Do you know her like Brittany knows (through several degrees of seperation, but it still counts) the "Seriously, So Blessed" blogger?

I happen to think you are always witty and funny. I should know...because I am a total gas. Heh, heh, heh, get that play on with all men has brought me to new lows.

But, I seriously think you are witty and clever and funny.