Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Musical chairs--without the chairs

I just finished a fantastic vacation with my extended family. I want to post about some of our events, but until I get the chance, I just want to tell them how wonderful it was to spend time with the wonderful women who shape my life...even if it was an event just trying to get a photo taken with them!
Love to all--Wendy and Reaghan, where were you for this ladies only shot? Well, ladies only with the exception of S's tiny legs.

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Lauren said...

I got a hearty laugh out of the first picture because we just got back from a family vacation with all of Mike's family...we did the obligatory photo shoots the last night and Uncle David took one of us trying to get into position and it looked kind of like yours...except we weren't dressed in nice clothing...just beachwear.

I think your picture turned out great! I am glad you included the first one, though. It will bring back the memories!