Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Not good enough for the scrapbook? Throw 'em on the blog!

Here are some favorite vacation photos from our trip to Williamsburg and VA Beach that won't necessarily make the scrapbook, but represent vacationing with a family of 5 (or 17 as the case was this particular week).

Jack sporting G's headphones riding back to our timeshare from VA Beach
Typical shot of S the entire trip. When we weren't at the pool, he would just sit and ask if we could go to the pool.
After walking around Busch Gardens for a little while, G kicked S out of the stroller declaring it his. Grandma was lucky S conceded or he'd have been gunning for her ride.
Only F could pull off goggles at the beach--barely.
This miserable shot is of R and I singing karaoke & waking up the people down the hall. Clinton and Stacy--Help me.

Here's to next year...


Lauren in GA said...

Now these pictures make a great post! Stephanie said that the picture with Jack wearing the headphones is, "Money". (I am too old and dumb to know what that means)

I think your outfit looks adorable! I guess I am too old to know why you need Stacy and Clinton.

I loved those pics! I think the one of S is really the, "Money Shot".

Melinda said...

What's wrong with the sweater???? Now, the headphones....maybe!!!

Elizabeth said...

Glad you could get in a family vacation!

Brittany & John said...

I'm just impressed that the headphones match the t-shirt!