Wednesday, July 16, 2008

5 is the new 50

G turns 5 today and in honor of his birthday here are 5 of my latest favorite G antecdotes:

1. One of my favorite expresssions is "Holy Cannoli!" From that, G has changed it and one day started saying, "Holy Ca-Italy!" He hasn't dropped it yet.
2. "Telekinesis is moving things with your mind."
3. We were at the park and G announced he wanted to have a race. "I want to be Yoshi, you can be the Computer." (thanks video games--even our imagination is plagued by you)
4. He tries to do everything in his underwear. Sleep, eat, play, everything. When I asked him why he won't ever wear clothing, he simply stated, "It just feels better that way."
5. "Mom, you will love me forever, right? You still love me even when I am mad at you."

Yes, G even when you are mad at me. Happy 5th Birthday!


Lauren said...

That was a wonderful post! He is so, so funny!

Holy Ca-Italy is my new favorite saying.

I enjoyed his take on wearing only underwear, know...the child does have a point...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, G!!!!!!!!!!!☺

does ☺ count as an emoticon? I didn't do the :)...anyway, it was for G's birthday.

Brittany & John said...

Happy Birthday G! I want to see lots of new pictures from your new camera. Sorry about the Hut...I'll take you when you come and visit me in Columbus!

WonderGirl said...

Happy Birthday G! :) He has some great sayings there!

joan said...

Oh G, how great you are! What's not to love forever. By the way I've got an interesting new story for you. See you soon.