Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Ingrid Betancourt is FREE! And I had nothing to do with it. Shame on me.

Tonight I heard the most memerizing press conference with Ingrid Betancourt herself. She has been held hostage in Colombia for 6 years, captured while she was running for President. Here is where is gets trippy for us.
About 4 years ago Jack bought me this book at the Dollar Store because he knows I am a sucker for anything about female political activists. And I read quickly--so for a dollar, why not. I read the book and it was fascinating. I thought it was so fantastic--such an bold and assuming woman--but I never followed up on it.

While we were in France, this exact pic of her book was hanging on a humungous banner draped from a building we stumbled upon. We figured she was there speaking about her book or politics in Colombia or something, since it was the jacket cover on the banner. She also is a French citizen, so we didn't think much of it. Plus, not reading French put us at a disadvantage.
Turns out it was a vigil for her, and they used that cover because it was the latest pic of her. Seeing the headline tonight, Jack called me in and we were flabergasted to see she has been in captivity for 6 years, and tonight she is free. No thanks to us.
It was an ironic kick in the pants that I have got to do more--to be more. Not just for my family, or my community, but for the world. I want my boys to grow up defending the undefended. Rescues like this won't happen everyday, so I have got to be a voice for people who have none. No excuses.


Jenny said...

It is estimated that the FARC hold 700 people hostage.

Lauren said...

I didn't know anything about her or the other hostages...but, when I saw the recent coverage I honestly felt such gratitude and admiration for those who worked so tirelessly and bravely to set them all free. It makes me scold myself for focusing on the mundane things that I fret about.