Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sterling's Debut Part II

There were some "issues" at the hospital with the hospital photographer taking her picture so rather than have our first "No, we are her parents. I know I didn't give birth to her" fight, we bailed with no picture. But it worked out better for us because we got two of our friends who are photographers to do newborn photo shoots with her. Their photos were immeasurably better than anything the hospital could have done. So take that dumb hospital photographer!
Here are some of our favorites from photo shoot number two. Thanks Heather!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Sterling's Blog Debut

When Sawyer was about 4, and he wanted to reference the entire family, he would call us "the 5 family." For example, "Is Finn just going or is the 5 family going?"
Now we are the Six Family.

The story of her arrival is long, and we will get to that later. But for now, enjoy these. She had two photo shoots within the first two weeks of her life. Here are my favorites from the first one! Thanks Ann!