Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Finding musical peace in an unsteady world

Today as we were driving home from my moms I was listening to Regina Spektor and the song "fidelity" came on and F was like, "Oh, I love this song!" and started singing along with the chorus. It reminded me of when he was in 1st grade and as we were driving to the grocery store I had the latest (at the time) Indigo Girls album on and he busted out with the chorus of the song "Fill it Up Again".
It's funny because after that moment in the car I started talking to him about music, and while he knew the words to Dar Williams and Lenny Kravitz, he didn't know some of the basic nursery songs. My friend Lauren always had kid music blasting from her car and I was so disappointed because she herself had some great musical stylings, but her mother-self had taken over the car radio. When I realized F couldn't sing the words to "Pop goes the Weasel", I wondered who had it right. I went out and bought a few kid cds at the Dollar store and for a year or two we went overboard on the children's cds.
I am happy to report after this afternoon, I think we have come full circle. We can bust a seatbelted move to "Alphabet of Nations" just as quick as we are to belt out some Jack Johnson lyrics. We have found musical harmony, so to speak.


Lauren said...

That IS musical harmony!!!

You have reached musical nirvana!

I need to send you an e-mail about some pressing matters...or, I will call...

Elizabeth said...

What a great post. We strive for a balance in the car especially. Unfortunately a little too much Hannah Montana gets in there.

Thanks for sending me pink mints. I was being cheap and didn't order any for myself. And much cooler that you found them at your local pharmacy.

Jenny said...

Hey guys thanks for the care package!!