Friday, June 13, 2008

"Chichen-Itza Pizza" You can't tell me that's not clever!

We have never done Stars on Ice, we have never seen Big Bird "Live: On stage!," and we have never paid to go anywhere as a family of 5 in case of a meltdown. Until now.

We heard the Backyardigans were coming to the Salem Civic Center (about 30 min away) and we knew the time was right. They always say "You''ll know when it is time." Turns out "they" were right. We LOVE the Backyardigans. They are witty, they have great music, and those animal-people can dance like only I have dreamed about moving. (It's the cd the kids ask for and I have to pretend to be annoyed by, but secretly "Cowgirls! Cowboys!" is the best song.) Recognizing F is almost too old to go and enjoy this sort of event, we scrounged up the dumb $120 and went.

Right before it began, Jack whispered, "Do you think they are going to lip sync?" Insensed he would even suggest that, I responded, "No way!" He continued, "Oh, that was just a joke. Of course they are going to lip sync." The lights dimmed, the music started, the Uniqua and Tyrone jumpe dout in their cheesy costumes, and as the first chord was belted out and Uniqua's voice cracked...we knew. We were in for the real deal.

No cameras were allowed in, so sorry no great pics. I tried a few with my camera phone, but F kept yelling at me to put it away because I was "breaking the rules and he didn't want to get kicked out!" So while the cheese factor was 100%, and the seats were crummy (we bought the cheap seats--you expected nothing less I am sure), we had a fantastic time!

I mean, Uniqua as the Evil Lady in Pink, with songs sung by Cyndi Lauper. You can't get a cartoon better than that!

If you are unfamiliar with the Backyardigans, may I suggest you go to and hear some for yourself. Its no Pandora, but it's good!

And to make it even better, mom was at Best Buy a few days earlier and as she was checking out, they had a clearance bin (it's genetic)and she bought the kids each a "Pablo" Ty Beanie Baby. We gave them to the boys on the day of the show and they played with them all day, including to the event. When we got there, they were selling as the sounvenir, the EXACT same Ty "Pablo." They were $12 at the show. How much did my mom pay? (If I have already told you, don't reveal and spoil the fun!)


Lauren said...

It sounds like it was great! I LUH-HOVE the Backyardigans...

I have a penchant for the, "Secret Agent" song!

I am quite impressed that the show was not lip-synched...

My guess is she paid $4.99 for each Ty Pablo. (Impressive that they were Ty Beanie Babies)

Elizabeth said...

I am going to go crazy and say $1.99. But that is just because the bargain hunting must run in your genes.

WonderGirl said...

I loved going to silly shows like that ( Disney on Ice was our family tradition) and I will guess 3/12$ for the ty beanies.

Jaime said...

$0.50! The final cost was .50 cents even because it was no tax day in VA...way to go mom!