Sunday, September 16, 2007

Nature Deficit Disorder? Not MY kids!

Today Jack had late church meetings, so in order to break up what I call the "witching hours" (pre-dinner time, like 4-6) we called our friend the Turners (whose dad was also gone all day with church meetings) and we decided to meet up at the park. Being Sunday, we went to the walking nature park, rather than the ones with the swings to avoid the inevitable begging/denial. Radford is on a mission to connect all paths in the city so there is a walking path connecting the entire city. Wildwood Park is one of those paths, along a creek, with foot bridges. The kids love to go walking there and ride scooters or catch bugs.
S found great fun and was laughing hysterically when he found a rock pile and starting throwing rocks down in this dusty "puddle" (what do you call a puddle that is dry? a hole?).

S was totally on his own--he was independent on the walk, just as he is in everything else.

S took a break and plopped down on the path...he's our cheeseball!
And I know it looks like I only took pictures of S, but it's just that his were the only ones that really turned out, besides the group ones.


Elizabeth said...

I call them the witching hours too. That sounds like a wonderful Sunday afternoon activity. I can't wait to meet that little S guy.

Elizabeth said...

Do you know when you will be in Vista?