Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Grandpa Santa

My mom and James have been playing Santa and Mrs Claus for years now. They are actually pretty good!
F indugles them,
G chuckles the whole time, but still asks for his list, just in case.
Even still, S won't go near either of them.


Brittany said...

I'm glad M isn't the only one. Did I tell you that night when we got back to mom's M asked mom, "Are you done being Mrs. Claus now?"

Dirt Queen said...

Aly is TERRIFIED of any adult in costume. Good to know it wouldn't matter who was in it!

Lauren in GA said...

Does S know that it is Grandma and Grandpa but is uneasy because of the way they are dressed?

Your mom makes the cutest Mrs. Claus.

Amy said...

I love the giant boy on Santa's lap. I'm so glad the Claus' weren't already booked that night.