Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Custody Weekend

Between my work and church schedules, it seems that I am not around for many things that the boys and Jaime do sometimes. Two weeks ago, I took Friday off from work for a boys trip. We did an over night trip to Dollywood. It just so happened to coincide with Mother's Day weekend, so Jaime got to have a weekend to herself. Although we missed Jaime, it was great to get out with just the guys. Anytime I take them somewhere by myself, I wonder if I look like a dad on a custody weekend. Not that there's anything wrong with that. We drove straight to Dollywood on Friday morning and then went to our hotel. The boys thought that it was one of the nicest hotels that we had ever stayed in. I would say that I got my $44 worth. That night we went for a quick swim. Walked next door to go out to eat. Ate ice cream and then watched TV until we fell asleep. The next morning, we returned to Dollywood where we tried to ride everything as we had the first day. Things were going great until it started pouring rain. We stuck it out for a few more hours. We rode a couple things in the rain and then we headed home. My favorite part was when S said, "You're the best Dad ever" and G said, "This is the best trip we have ever been on".

The following weekend we went on the Fathers and Sons campout in Rural Retreat. Traditionally it rains everytime. As luck would have it, we were dry the whole time. We got an amazing new tent from Linda that sleeps about 50 people. The boys were excited because it was big enough to dance in. Finn loves playing capture the flag each year. This was the first year that I let him play unattended. He played until 11:00!

The new phenomenon this year was soda bottle rockets. Two different groups had built big pressurized pvc pipes that hooked up to air compressors and and shot 2 liter bottles.

Then there was the awesome egg toss.

I love that the boys are growing and changing everyday. They are the best boys ever and I love them so much. Maybe this weekend we can go tubing down the New River. Long live the custody weekends!


Elizabeth said...

Two weekends in a row off for Jaime. I bet she feels like a new woman. I always get sad when I see Dad's buying toys alone in the store, I always figure they are buying them for custody weekend. A over judgment I am sure.

Ann said...

ever see that seinfeld...'not that there's anything wrong with that.' looks like a great time! glad you were able to have the time with the boys-that's so important

Lauren in GA said...

I love your title, Jack.

There is nothing like hearing that I am the best mom, ever. I love what S and G said about their custody weekend.