Monday, May 11, 2009

Dude, I got a dell!

On Fri Jack took the boys to Dollywood so I went shopping in Roanoke and spent the night in a hotel with a pool. (I have stumbled upon what is going to be a new Mother's Day weekend tradtion-thank you Priceline). Saturday night they came home late and went straight to bed. Sunday they pampered me all day with delicious foods, a great nap, and a day of doing nothing.

As my Mother's day gift I got a toaster.
The most awesome toaster in the world!!
I told Jack I already ordered his Father's day gift and it doesn't compare--so gear up.
Several friends have mentioned how much they hate Mother's day--either the fake attention or the lack of attention or the pomp and circumstance or the lack thereof, some even have extra work on Mother's day doing things for other mothers.
I have always loved it (and not because I get a computer everytime--because I definitely have NOT)... I love how the boys totally get into it. I love the lazy day. I love getting something random for my mom that she would never get for herself. To the naysayers--I really am sorry (you deserve to enjoy it), but no anti-rallies to threaten my day, ok?


Nicki said...

Wow! What a great way to celebrate. Happy Mother's Day!

Ann said...

took me a minute to realize that the toaster was just the box. congrats! i'm jealous! glad you enjoyed your weekend and mother's day! (remind me sometime to tell you about the mother's day massacre in our last ward.)

Melinda said...

I'm so glad you had a great day! You deserve it! Love the toaster!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Have fun facebooking with your toaster. I am glad you had a great weekend. I had fun doing nothing yesterday too.

Brittany and John said... got a RED dell...even better! in case you don't see my comment--i already read your book suggestion and did indeed love it!

Lauren in GA said...

That is a true thing of beauty. I am choked up for you! Love the color, too. Candy apple red, Woot Woot!

I agree with you. Mike and the boys go all out for me for Mother's Day. I get totally pampered and their sweet little cards and gifts melt me.