Friday, May 08, 2009

Happy Mother's Day Far Far Away

I know you are far away, but I want to wish you a Happy Mother's Day all the same. I wish you the best day and hope you can enjoy reading about some of my favorite memories of all the things that make you such an awesome mom. Even though we are not close in miles, I still feel so very close to you and am so grateful for the things you have done and the person that you are--I am so proud of what you are doing and how you are handling everything on your mission. Those experiences you are having are making you an even better mom and grandma. -I remember coming home from kindergarten to find you in the hall doing headstands. That picture is vivid in my mind. You have always found ways to stay healthy-how cool it was to have a mom who did headstands!

-As a parent I don't know how you did it, but created many of my favorite memories from childhood--our trips to Europe. Two trips to europe before leaving high school--how did you pull it off? Thank you!! Because of your love for travel and sharing that with me as a child, now as a dad, i want to travel and want to give my children your tradition of loving travel.

-Even as a your child, I have always been amazed by your love and knowledge of scriptures. You are such a great example of love and service to your family, always willing to do more than is asked of you without complaining. Thank you.

-One of my favorite stories about you that will always touch me is the story I heard but don't remember. It is of of how you loved me and held me and knew I would be alright after my accident. Hearing of your strength and motherly love in that tender but critical moment will always remain a strong bond between us. I love you mom.

-It has meant a lot to me that even though we live far away, you have always made it a priority to come out and visit. You have created and maintain a strong bond with my sons and that means so much to me. My favorite memory of your visits happened last year. Even though you don't like getting wet you agreed to go tubing in the rain and were such a great sport. We still talk about that day with you guys.

...and of course, there is Dollywood and reading your mission call in the hotel room.

Mom-you always dream big and somehow find these ways to make your huge dreams for us an awesome reality. Our family trips, our dream house,, and all the dreams you had for it...thank you for all of it!! I love you. Jack.


Ann said...

could you please teach my children to love me as much as you do your mom. that's beautiful. she's lucky to have you.

Lauren in GA said...

Jack, that was so beautifully written. Your mom is truly an amazing woman...and I'm not just talking about the headstands in the hallway...although I cannot explain how impressive I found that!

I loved the pictures...I know I always say this but your boys look so much like you. Seriously. It is amazing!

Elizabeth said...

This is so true. She is such a big dreamer and they all come true! I cherish all these memories too!