Saturday, June 06, 2009

Blue Hair Group

For the last day of school G wanted to dye his hair. At first I told him no. When he asked why, I realized, there was no reason why. He chose half blue, half purple. Well, anything G does, S is close to follow. F on the other hand, was a little more hesitant. With an awards ceremony to attend he wasn't convinced. I told him if he owned it, it wouldn't matter what people thought or said. If he was going to shirk and be embarrassed, they would tease more. After seeing how great the little boys looked, he said he was in! "And I want it dark blue, mom."
He owned it. They all did. Now it's what time Sat night and G & S still have blue roots? Thank goodness for the mandatory bath before church in the morning.


Ann said...

did you just happen to have blue hair dye on hand? you're a cool mom!!

Brittany and John said...

hey, you changed your curtains in the living room! I thought you were at someone else's house. i like. (the curtains, and the hair)

Lauren in GA said...

Ahhhhh, yeaahhhhhh...they totally owned it!

Such handsome young men. I am laughing about the blue roots. I guess because people usually make fun when someone's, "roots are showing".

You are one of those cool Moms.

I have John's incredible quilt hanging over the railing of his crib. It is waiting for him to come home. It is going to be a great reunion.

Dirt Queen said...

that's just great :)

Bob and Joan said...

Way to go Jaime! Another example of the power of genetics. This brings back memories of Jack stopping off at his Grandma's house in St. George to dye his hair red prior to his first day at BYU. Bob

jedicube said...

totally fun!