Friday, June 19, 2009

Dolly says, " Happy Early B-day!" and "Y'all Come Back Now"

This year F decided instead of having a friend birthday party, he wanted to invite a friend to go to Dollywood. As many of you know, this has been our new favorite family weekend get-away spot. (g & c below)And I know you are laughing--for some reason everytime I say anything about Dollywood, people laugh. I get it. You're the ones missing out though-
Since Jack will be in the throes of a new job around F's bday, we decided to take the trip now, while he has a few days off. So, here are some of our favorite's from this trip.

On the entire drive down, the thunderstorms were insane. Upon finally pulling into Pigeon Forge, we decided to eat dinner at Chik-fil-a because of the indoor play area. While we were ordered, the power went out (quickly resumed), then rain started pouring through the seams of the windows where we were sitting so we had to move.
Turns out, the older boys were too big for the playplace. They were mad I wouldn't let them break the rules and play anyway.
Got to the hotel, watched some killer Majide, and drifted off. Headed to DW the next morning and plowed through the rides. The lines were great--almost no waiting the whole day--except waiting out the storm in the candy store...
and waiting in the toy store for the rain to stop so we could...get on the water rides. And waiting in line for the tree to be cleared off the log ride, once the storm passed. Turns out the water ride lines are even shorter when it is gloomy and people are wet from the rain. All the better for us!
Other than the hour we stirred during the storm, it was a great day (although I'm not sure how I-the only one not in a suit-got the most wet on River Battle and River Rampage...). Lots of rides, yummy food, everyone in good spirits, and fun times had by all. Glad C could join us. Although, now everyone wants to bring a friend along next time. Not sure I am ready for that quite yet.


Lauren in GA said...

Happy Birthday to F!! (A little early)

We went to Kings Dominion on a rainy day and it was fabulous. No waiting and it was cooler temps. Although, you had some killer storms, not just rain.

Bob and Joan said...

Sounds like so much fun. Theme parks on rainy days are the best!
We remember our first trip to Dollywood with you guys. Besides how cool is it to be in a place called Pigeon Forge! Love from India Grandma and Grandpa

Amy said...

Glad to see you are mostly calling Dollywood by it's proper name instead of hiding behind the abbreviation;) Can't wait to go now and hoping for rain and no lines! And lucky you, no invitation or theme cake to make this year.

Elizabeth said...

I love days when theme parks are not crowded. F looks like he had a blast.

Vicki said...

C had a great time, thanks!! We are now planning a trip--sounds like a great place to visit

Ann said...

i'm not afraid to say it: I LOVE DOLLYWOOD! can't wait until we can go back!!!