Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blackjack you've won, you're 21!

The genius that rhymed 50 with nifty, and Lordy with 40, apparently never knew anyone who turned 21, because there is no great rhyme.

Happy Day, my little sis! I remember when you were born...ok, so maybe not, but I was a tween, so who could blame.
Vegas to celebrate your 21st? Be wise...
Did you know Jack took me to Vegas for my 21st b-day? I remember he bought me my Boston Birks and a swatch (I was watch obssessed at the time, particularly the flik-flak, anyone remember?).
Wish I was there to share the love...


Elizabeth said...

I remember the flik-flak. Wow 21, time has flown!

Lauren in GA said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, Happy Birthday, S!!!!!!!

Oh, Swatch Watches!! I miss mine.

21? She will always be 15 to me.

You make me laugh about being a tween and who could blame.

summer said...

haha. your too funny. i remember your obsession with those watch things...i never understood it but i guess now i can (as i stare at my shoe closet realizing i havent worn majority of them that are in there)
what was your night filled of? i can picture it now! old men trying to buy you drinks, rolling big time at all the casino game tables, and of course...beautiful men from chippendales. i mean...that's what my entailed of so i can only assume the same for yours.