Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"Looks like he made it! Ah ah ah ah"

Today is the last day of work for Jack at FES. While I know he has loved his time in Floyd, we are all excited about his transition. Thanks to a schedule that almost never permitted vacation days, he has a stockpile to use now before he starts his new job. So,
YAY!!!! Here's to a new job, biking to work, home at a better hour, gone less, new shiny office, new shiny school, being more involved with the boys school, gas money going to debt and did I mention, 2 miles to work?
(The pictures are from the NO FEAR food contest the PTA held. While he didn't win, he got pretty far. Some other favorite antics from FES: the day they 'locked him in a cage' for the day, keeping his promise to let the students shave his head after SOL scores came in high, students throwing hundreds of water balloons at him for a fundraiser, reading Polar Express to the kindergartner's every Christmas in his pj's, dressing up as Thing 1 for Dr Seuss' bday...oh, what will Belle Heth have in store for him next?)


Lauren in GA said...

I want Jack to move to Georgia and be my kids' principal. He is so awesome! I love all of the things he did with the students.

Better yet, I would prefer just to move to Radford and have him be my kids' principal. That would be a win/win for me. It is all about me, right?

I also want our little John to get to go to Dr. Stickley. I am trying to find a pediatrician (I am not ga ga over the one we have here) and I keep mourning over the fact that I can't take John to Dr. Stickley and get to see his office filled with stuffed monkeys. Does he still have a monkey themed office?

Alyssa said...

I can't get over the whole "Mr. McKinley" thing... Jack isn't a Mr. is he? I'll bet he is the best principal ever! Too bad you live so far away-- we need someone like Jack at our school.

Nicki said...

It sounds like Belle Heth is getting a great principal. It would be an honor to be a student or teacher at his school.

Elizabeth said...

I can actually picture him as Principal McKinley now. I am excited for your new adventure.