Saturday, March 27, 2010

Three-oooh is the magic number (or is it?)

Yesterday we took S to the egg hunt/hayride at Buchinsky's house. (F was at RU and G at a bday party.) We have been doing this for years now, except usually we have a heap of eggs to cover all 3 boys. This year, we took our required 14 per child and they didn't even fill a basket.
Hanging out with just S reminded me of hanging out with little F. F was an only child for 5 years. It's eery how the day took me back to when we just had our little family of 3.
For so long we really thought we might only have 1 child (ok, Jack maybe didn't, but I sure did). As I think of how full and fantastic and loud and dirty and chaotic and laughable and marvelous our family is now, I am so grateful G and S could join us.
Did you also notice the mystery guest who joined us for the day?


Alyssa said...

That's not Bill Supa is it?

Lauren in GA said...

I love it when I realize that I wouldn't miss the filth and chaos. Sometimes I get so mad about all the filth and chaos around here...but, in truth, I wouldn't change a thing.

Was the mystery guest the huge back hoe?

Bob and Joan said...

Yeah! Our little "Flat" friend made it all the way from India via Sri Lanka. Way to go, kid.

Elizabeth said...

I had to go back and look and saw Flat Stanley. I love these little surreal moments.