Friday, March 05, 2010

My inner Alex P Keaton sneaking out again

I don't know why I care, but I do. At least, I do twice a year anyway. Twice a year it totally matters to me what the boys wear to church. The rest of the year, if the top has buttons and the bottoms aren't school pants, I do not care. But Easter and Christmas get me every time. My particular nueroses come in the form of sweater vests and gingham.
And I'm not even a "matchy-matchy" type person, but coordinated children just give the illusion of cleanliness, of perfection, of adoration. I guess pretending twice a year gets me through the rest of it.
For all you "Project-Runway-fashion-forward-folks", I opted against the vest this year, which is a first for me. My boys HATE sweater vests (see G), but usually at Easter I make them suck it up (plus they are cheaper than buying a shirt AND tie). Since it is one of the 2 times a year I usually end up paying (close to) full price, I figured rather than buy a vest they will NEVER wear again, I will get a shirt and tie which they will actually don by choice every other Sunday or so.
But I can least I come by it honestly! (yes, I know this is a pic of you Britt-but I couldn't find the one of me in my sweater vest and faux pearls...)


Jenny said...

love finn on the stairs - do you ever miss the first house, when you still had to put finn to bed with a flashlight

Beth Freestone said...

Easter clothes and vests totally rock! It is fun to coordinate the kids and even the parents. Last year the boys and I wore green and Brady and Sophia wore pink!

elaine said...

I love love love sweater vests too. I am wanting to do the kids in coordinating outfits but it pains me to pay full price like you were saying. I am sure I will cave.

Brittany said...

Dude...I look hot!!!

Elizabeth said...

You do know Easter is conference weekend? Are you going to make them where them while they watch? They look so cute

Lauren in GA said...

I love Brittany's reaction.

Stephanie ordered all of the cousins matching ties from The Children's Place. Evan's barely can be tied around his neck without being ridiculously short. I asked if they had adult sizes but then felt silly because it is, The CHILDREN'S Place.

How did I get a child that big?
Okay, enough about me and my problems.

I loved all of the pictures from the past!